Disney Adults Are Sharing What Gives Them the Biggest ICK About Each Other

Can’t we all just get along? Apparently, it’s not always that easy among Disney Adults.

Disney World

Whether it’s heavy crowds and long lines, or ride breakdowns and inclement weather, Disney Adults are always aware that something can happen to put a damper on their Disney day. Sometimes, the problem can be other Disney Adults!

We asked our readers what other Disney Adults and typical parkgoers do that give them the biggest icks, and the responses did not disappoint! Let’s take a look!


Walkway to Contemporary Resort from Magic Kingdom

Bless the readers for calling this out — YES! Perhaps the biggest universal peeve among Disney Adults is people’s tendency to just stop walking suddenly in a busy walkway.

Randomly stopping in a walkway can cause collisions, tripping, and spills (if someone is carrying food). Our readers are absolutely right — this is something that can give even the most patient person an ick.


Let’s face it — getting sweaty at the Disney Parks is pretty common

This goes without saying, but Disney Adults get a serious ick around people with poor hygiene. We’ve all been crammed into a sardine can of a room with some noticeable body odor or passed by a space that has a funky smell.

We get it — being at the Disney Parks is not exactly the most physically relaxing exercise. Nevertheless, we get where our readers are coming from! Many of our readers suggest taking a shower before coming to the parks and bringing a spare deodorant with you.


Disney is often packed with people!

Not respecting personal space was a major ick among our readers. Issues brought up include people toppling over one another when loading into Haunted Mansion and other rides, having someone breathe down your next while you’re in line for something, and someone neglecting open space to invade yours.

If you don’t have to invade someone’s personal space bubble, don’t! We promise you’ll get where you’re going without needing to be pushy!


Figment in a Mask

Many of our readers voiced concern about parkgoers coughing and breathing on people when they come to the Disney Parks with severe viral illnesses.

Some said going to the parks when you’re way too sick is selfish and that not taking preventative measures such as simply covering your mouth when you cough is the cherry on this disgusting ick cake.


Beauty and the Beast Live Stage Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

There is a time and a place to be loud, and our Disney Adult readers agreed that too many people don’t have that certain wherewithal. Many complained about loud singing during shows (from people who aren’t Disney-employed actors) or talking too loudly on their phones. Which leads us to our next ick…



When you visit a theme park, obviously you are not alone. However, our readers are adamant that a lot of Disney Adults and Disney Park guests forget this fact!

Whether it’s being impatient and rude to other guests or cast members, blocking other people’s views during shows, letting your kiddos run rampant, pushing, using bright lights in intentionally dark spaces like dark rides, and generally disregarding everyone around you, Disney Adults see this ick EVERY TIME we visit the parks. 



The rules are in place for everyone. Our readers want us to emphasize that. Many complained that too many Disney Adults and parkgoers bring a sense of entitlement with them to the parks and believe they don’t have to follow the rules.

At the Disney Parks, just like everywhere else, everyone is equal and no one is above the rules.


Flight of Passage Line

Depending on who you ask, waiting in line is the worst part of visiting the Disney Parks. What’s worse is when you’ve been waiting for an incredibly long time and then see a group of people just cut through the line up to the front.

Our readers overwhelmingly voiced displeasure with line cutting. This ick came up time and time again, with many readers stating how unfair it can be to wait an hour-plus just to see a large group meet someone who was saving them a spot.


Bubble wands

What can we say? Many of our readers are totally irked by bubble wands. From getting smacked in the face to walking through random bubbles, several readers consider this Disney souvenir a real ick!

Want to get more inside the mind of Disney Adults and how we think? Check out the link below!

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Thanks for venting with us! It feels good to get these icks off our chest and know we’re not the only ones who feel this way. As always, be sure to follow us here at AllEars for Disney Parks news, tips, reviews, and more!

Are Disney Adults a Dying Breed?

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Which icks did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Disney Adults Are Sharing What Gives Them the Biggest ICK About Each Other”

  1. I don’t see a problem with someone holding a spot in line , the other people may have to go to use the restroom, or came from another ride to meet them , or were eating at a reserved dining spot, etc. This is not cutting in line.
    Now just cutting in line with no placeholder there that’s cutting in.

    1. Already in line and have to run to the bathroom I get. Rushing ahead to get in line and then letting your slower party in is a big NO. In that case , you go to the back of the line with them,. Saving a place in line for someone finishing their meal is ridiculous. No one wants to be in line for awhile just to have 4, 5 or more people “slip” past to join their party after you’ve been waiting for a half an hour.