Just a Dozen MORE Reasons Why You’ll Want to Sail on the NEW Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

We can’t believe the Disney Treasure is sailing on its maiden voyage later this year!


This ship is the sister to the Disney Wish, which means they’re similar, but certainly not the same! We’re excited for many of the new experiences on board, but here are 12 that have us so thrilled we can’t stand it.


We’re maybe a *little* excited about the new Plaza de Coco restaurant that will be on board the ship!


Not only is this dining location themed to Coco, but you’ll also be able to see Miguel perform on stage! Plus, on seven-night cruises, you’ll actually dine here twice, and the story will continue on from the first night — how cool is that?

Learn more about Plaza de Coco here!

Are you kidding, there’s a Haunted Mansion Bar!

Here at AllEars, we’re big Haunted Mansion fans, which is why words can’t express how stoked we are for the Haunted Mansion Parlor coming to the Disney treasure.

Concept art of the new Haunted Mansion Parlor

To be more specific, this is going to be a lounge, so it’s likely they’ll have drinks and some eats for guests to indulge in while they take in the immersiveness of the area. We might end up spending hours here, who knows!

Check out everything we know about the Haunted Mansion Parlor here!

Skipper Society AHHHH

Calling all Jungle Cruise Skippers! The Skipper Society will be the perfect spot for you on board.

Skipper Lounge ©Disney

There are so many hidden details we can already see from the concept art of this bar, and we just know we’re going to geek out the moment we step foot in here. (But who wouldn’t??)

Let us share all those hidden details with you here!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea representation is HUGE and AWESOME

Ever since the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ride closed in Magic Kingdom and was rethemed in Disneyland, there hasn’t been much representation for this classic film. That’s all changing on the Disney Treasure!


There’s going to be a whole lounge on board the new ship called Periscope Pub which is themed to this beloved movie! What an amazing way to honor this 1954 creation.

Check out more about Periscope Pub here!

Have you SEEN that merchandise sneak peek?

Most Disney Cruise Line ships have merchandise that is specific to their ship, meaning you can’t find it anywhere else. That in itself is pretty cool, but the Disney Treasure merchandise takes it to a WHOLE new level!


Not only are these items themed to the ship, but to some of the movies and attractions represented on board!

Check out the full first look of the new Disney Treasure souvenirs here!


Have you SEEN the decor on this ship? We’re impressed by everything in the concept art so far, especially the Grand Hall.


The theme of the whole ship is adventure, which is why we see Aladdin and Jasmine as the focus statue in the entryway!

The HeiHei Cafe and Jade Cricket Cafe are both things we need NOW

Two of the smaller dining locations you’ll find around the ship are HeiHei Café (inspired by Moana) and the Jade Cricket Café (inspired by the Fa Family’s “lucky” cricket, Cri-Kee, in Mulan).

Hei Hei

Both of these characters don’t get a ton of representation and love around the Disney parks (in person or through merchandise), so we love that they have spots dedicated to them!

Check out all the new restaurants coming to the Disney Treasure!

Zootopia representation in Jumbeaux’s Sweets!!

For all our Zootopia fans out there, you’ll be thrilled to know that the film is getting some recognition on board (which makes perfect sense since Judy Hopps does go on quite the adventure) in Jumbeaux’s Sweets.


We don’t know about you, but we think this place looks AMAZING. Plus, is that a giant Judy and Nick you can pose with? We’re about to take so many selfies.

The AquaMouse is DIFFERENT than the one on the Disney Wish!

Both the Disney Wish and the Disney Treasure have the AquaMouse — the first water slide at sea to also have a digital story element to it. Yes, you watch a cartoon as you ride!


However, the story on the Disney Treasure will be DIFFERENT than the one on the Disney Wish, meaning you won’t be getting a repeat experience. We can’t WAIT to discover the story on the new ship.

Kids will literally have the best time in those kids clubs (and adults will be very jealous)

This really goes for all Disney Cruise Line ships, but we feel like with every new ship they just bump those kids’ clubs up another notch. We are always SO jealous that we’re no longer 10 years old and can’t go hang out in the kids’ clubs all day.

At Walt Disney Imagineering Lab onboard the Disney Treasure, kids will discover the secrets of world-renowned Disney Imagineers—the creative masterminds behind Disney theme parks, resorts and cruise ships—with hands-on activities and creative experiments that bring their imaginations to life right before their eyes. (Disney)

However, don’t forget that you can preview the kids’ clubs on the first day of your cruise! Don’t miss out on this opportunity — trust us, you’re going to want to see them!

Sarabi brings Animal Kingdom ON the ship and that’s EPIC

Just like on the other Disney Cruise Line ships, there are certain areas on board that are for families during the day and turn into adult entertainment at night. We cannot WAIT to check out Sarabi!


The coolest part of Sarabi, though, is that it’s themed after The Pride Lands in The Lion King! Again, a fantastic way to continue that theme of adventure throughout the whole ship.

Read more about Sarabi here!

A MOANA SHOW?! We’re so in.

And last, but most certainly not least, A MOANA SHOW?!


This new stage adaptation of the hit animated film is called The Tale of Moana and has us SO excited to get in this theatre. It’s got puppets (including a MASSIVE Te Fiti), it’s got a deleted song from the film that Moana and Maui perform, it’s got MULTIPLE LANGUAGES! Words can’t express how much we’re looking forward to seeing this new show.

Check out more details about The Tale of Moana here!

As you can see, there are SO many reasons to look forward to sailing on the Disney Treasure, and we’re 100% counting down the days until we’re on board. Be sure to stay tuned to AllEars — we’ll keep you updated on all the latest Disney Cruise Line news!

Here’s everything you need to know about sailing with Disney Cruise Line!

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What part of the Disney Treasure are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments!

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