Everyone Is Talking About Disney’s “Hug Rule” — Is It Real?

So there are a lot of theories about certain rules in Disney World.

Emma with Mickey at Garden Grill in EPCOT

Many of these rules are very real. For example, you can’t wear a full costume into the parks if you’re an adult (unless you’re attending Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party). There’s also a rumor that gum is banned from Disney World (it’s not, but you won’t find it sold in shops). Well, now everyone is talking about the “Hug Rule,” but is it real? Well, let’s find out.

So if you’ve been on social media recently, you may have seen people referencing the Disney hug rule. Basically, the rule states that if you are hugging a character, that character has to continue the hug until you pull away. But is this an OFFICIAL rule?

Hugs for Goofy

Well, it’s not. Now, the thing is many Cast Members might do this, especially with children, but there is nothing that states that a character has to keep hugging someone until they let go. So it’s more of an unofficial rule, but somehow everyone thinks it’s real. It is, however, something that many characters will do.

Who can resist a Stitch hug?

We all do love character hugs after all, and we’ve all witnessed a character hugging a child who just won’t let go (and it makes us tear up EVERY TIME). So you might see it in Disney Parks but understand, it’s not an actual rule. We’d hate to think someone would approach a character and test the theory out (don’t do that, okay?).

So now you know what the hug rule is which is, well, not really a rule. As they say…the more you know!

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