I Made a Major Mistake in Disney World and I’m WARNING YOU Not To Do the Same

Yes, we go to Disney World every single day. We call ourselves pros, but…

The AllEars team

Well, we’re also human. That means we sometimes make mistakes, including the kinds of mistakes we should know not to make. But, hey, we’re not perfect, so we’re going to tell you about some things we’ve done recently so you know not to do them, too.

In other words, do as we say, and NOT as we do.

Forgetting how popular the hotels get during the holidays

Okay, so we were recently headed to Gasparilla Island Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort to try out some new treats and were SHOCKED that the hotel was SO crowded when we got there. It took us an HOUR to get to the restaurant. AN HOUR. After, it took another 30 minutes to get to the Monorail.

Grand Floridian Gingerbread House

Normally, visiting a hotel in the middle of the day means you practically have it to yourself, but that is NOT the case during the holidays when the hotels are decked out with their fancy gingerbread displays. The one at the Grand Floridian is particularly popular, so plan ahead!

Forgetting where we parked

We drive to Disney World every day and…um…we often forget where we parked, meaning we spend a lot of time wandering around the parking lots (which, in our defense, are massive) trying to find our car. We don’t HAVE to do this — there’s literally a feature in the My Disney Experience app to help us remember where we parked, but do we use it? Nope.

Don’t forget where you parked!

So don’t be like us. If you drive to the parks, take a photo of your parking spot, make a note of it, or use the Car Locator feature in My Disney Experience.

Setting Off Security

How many times have we gone through Disney  World security checkpoints? How many times have we set them off? Well, way more than we would like to admit. We tend to forget things like metal glasses cases and other metal items in our bags.

Hollywood Studios security entrance

The best thing you can do is to NOT travel with those things in your bag, but if you must, just take them out of your bag before you walk through security and hold them in your hand (seriously, that’s all you need to do). Yes, that includes those metal bottles of spray sunscreen.

A Park Hopping Mistake

Park hopping from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom is pretty easy — you just have to hop on the Monorail. Well, we discovered a problem with that when park hopping at night. What did we do? Well, we were in Magic Kingdom, but our car was parked at EPCOT, and when we tried to take the Monorail to EPCOT, it was closed, leaving us trapped at the Ticket and Transportation Center. Oops.

EPCOT monorail

We then learned that the Monorail stops running to EPCOT an hour and a half after the park (EPCOT) closes. So be sure to keep that in mind if you also need to make that trip.

So now we’ve fessed up and you know what we do wrong in Disney World. Learn from our goofs and you’ll have a much better trip!

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What big mistake have you made in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Forgetting where you oarked – add forgetting your car. Many people get rentals, and are not familiar with their car. So also take a photo of your car so you know what to look for.