BREAKING: Disney World Cast Members APPROVE New Contract Offer

Disney World Cast Members are getting a raise.

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The six labor unions that represent 43,000 full- and part-time Cast Members at Disney World voted today to approve a new contract with Disney.

UNITE HERE Local 737 has announced that 12,500 Cast Members voted on the new union contract. 97% of these Cast Members voted to approve this contract.

President of Disney World Jeff Vahle made a statement on the vote saying, “Our cast members have always been at the heart of the Walt Disney World experience, and we are thrilled that, with the support of the union, they have overwhelmingly approved this new five-year agreement that significantly increases wages, alongside our leading benefits program that includes affordable medical coverage and more. Frontline employees also have access to 100 percent paid tuition for higher education through the Disney Aspire program.”

The new agreement means an immediate raise of at least $2 per hour for current Disney World Cast Members, and a starting wage of $17 per hour for new employees. The raises will be retroactive to Oct. 1st, 2022, the date that the previous contract expired.

TRON Cast Members

According to Disney, the contract provides for:

  • Minimum of $17 an hour for new and existing cast members upon ratification
  • Minimum of $18 an hour by year end for current cast
  • Annual pay increases every year of the contract
  • Full retroactive increased pay of least $2 more an hour, dated back to October 2022 for all current cast members
  • Entry level rates for newly hired cast will reach a minimum of $18 an hour by 2024
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2 Replies to “BREAKING: Disney World Cast Members APPROVE New Contract Offer”

  1. It’s a shame to get this raise and then come to the realization that
    the Idiot Biden’s record breaking inflation totally wipes it out.

  2. 43,000 people benefit from this contract. Is that ALL the non management employees there? If not, how many total employees wotk at WDW? The other comment /question about this is only 29% of the affected employees voted on this contract. Not what I would call overwhelming interest in having a say in their own future. I would be interested in knowing why so many stayed away and did not vote. Pro or con. Talk about apathy.