How to Dress for Disney in Everyday Life

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We often share plenty of outfits you can wear to the parks. It isn’t too hard to put together something fun and comfortable with tons of Disney flair!

Don’t be afraid to wear your Disney outfits outside of the parks!

It’s when it comes to putting an outfit together for everyday wear that it becomes tricky to find that balance between channeling your favorite character or movie without it looking like a costume.

It is possible to inject some Disney into your daily wardrobe, and we are showing you how with these outfits!

Wear to Work: Cinderella

You can still look like Cinderella without the (probably uncomfortable!) glass slippers. A simple white top like this tank paired with a light blue skirt is the perfect color combination to match her famous dress. Next, it’s all about accessories!

As you can see on Emma, a black choker is a must. It really pulls together the look to fully match Cinderella’s outfit. Add some white pearl earrings to complete the jewelry. Go for some light shoes in either white, light blue, or silver. Skip the ears and instead wear a white headband just like Cindy’s, which is actually on trend now so you can find plenty of options like this on Amazon.

Wear to Work: Mary Poppins

If you are hoping for some motivation during your work day, maybe dressing up as this practically perfect nanny will help you! Putting together a look inspired by Mary Poppins isn’t hard, and you might even have some of these pieces in your wardrobe already. A simple white button-up shirt paired with a dark blue skirt is all you need for the base.

Add some black tights and a pair of vintage-inspired shoes to give your outfit more of an early 1900s feel. To really level up this look, add a bright red bow! You can wear this pinned at your collar like a bowtie, or add it to your hair. Don’t forget Mary’s iconic carpet bag! It may not be able to hold an entire lamp, but it should be enough for all of your work essentials.

Workout: Rapunzel

The gym is another place you can spice up your looks with a bit of Disney. Here we created a look based on Rapunzel — she must have gotten SOME workouts in while stuck in that tower! We picked items that match her purple and pink dress as well as her golden hair. These purple leggings are great for working out at the gym or while out on a run because they have pockets to hold your phone and other small items.

This pink tank top has cute details on the back, including a tie and a mesh panel in a deep V. We picked out some super bright sneakers in Rapunzel’s signature gold. This headband ties all the colors together, plus it helps keep hair out of your face while you’re active.

Wear to Work: Animal Kingdom

You don’t only have to take inspiration from a specific character or movie! Here we created an outfit influenced by the atmosphere of Animal Kingdom at Disney World. Besides using some obvious animal prints, we also went for a military-style dress that reminds us of a safari outfit.

Pump up this basic dress with some fun accessories, like this leopard print belt and matching earrings. The tan felt hat also has its own leopard print belt around the brim and also reminds us of something an explorer might wear! Slip into some sandals or a pair of combat boots, and finish it all off with a small crossbody bag in a matching shade.

Workout: Jasmine

Our last outfit is another workout look. We started off with this sweatband that is designed to look like Jasmine’s bejeweled headband. How cool is that! Because Jasmine’s classic outfit is a two-piece with a crop top and pants, it was easy to replicate that with a modern-day spin.

We found a two-piece workout set in a similar color to Jasmine’s. The crop top provides support and the thick leggings are high-waisted and will stay put even when doing squats. If you’d prefer, there are other workout tops in the same color with more coverage like this one. We brought the gold back in with these fabulous shiny sneakers. What a great motivator to hit the gym!

We have plenty of other outfits for work, everyday wear, and the gym. Check out these and other looks on our AllEars Style page!

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