10 Weirdly Useful Products You Can Get on Amazon

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Amazon is the online shopping mecca!


From their 2-day shipping for Prime members to their endless stock of the most interesting gifts, merchandise, and knick-knacks.

We’re digging through the shelves of the Amazon stock room to bring you some of our top choices for surprisingly useful Amazon finds!

1. Govee RGBIC Neon Rope Light

The silicone neon rope light is flexible and bendable, easily designed to the shape you want. The neon rope can be applied to smooth, non-textured walls or ceilings and is an aesthetic wall decoration or a festive outdoor decoration.

Govee RGBIC Neon Rope Light © Amazon

Perfect for a decorative nightlight in a child’s room, a spooky or jolly holiday decoration outside, or a funk accent to an office or dorm room. You can control the settings in your phone and even sync it up to music. The completely random home decorating accessory we never knew we needed.

Click here to buy the Govee RGBIC Neon Rope Light for $50.99!

2. EBODA Bluetooth Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The waterproof speaker is thoroughly resistant to water, dust, and sand. You can get it wet, muddy, covered in snow, and then hand wash it after you’re done using it. It can even be submerged in up to a meter of water, making it a great speaker to take to the pool or the beach.

EDOBA Bluetooth Portable Bluetooth Speakers © Amazon

The speaker can be synced up to your phone, tablet, or computer, and had an LED light for some added fun! It’s portable, durable, and versatile enough to take camping or on any outdoor adventure, but also handy enough to mount in your shower or use in your office for a tamer jam session.

Click here to buy the EDOBA Bluetooth Portable Speaker for $17.99!

3. The Official Cord Wrapper

Organizers, rejoice! We found just the item for you! This Official Cord Wrapper will keep kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and all of your electronics organized and tidy!

The Official Cord Wrapper © Amazon

In four simple steps (just wipe, peel it, stick it, and wrap it), you will be on your way to the perfect cord management solution that not only keeps cords organized but also hides them out of site! This little thing can make such a big difference, especially in small living spaces like dorms, apartments, or RVs.

Click here to buy the Official Cord Wrapper for $24.98!

4. KOONIE Waist Clip Fan

Stay cool in any situation. This portable little fan is lightweight and can be clipped onto a waistband or hung around the neck.  Its hands-free function allows users to stay cool while completing their tasks or enjoy their time outside.

KOONIE Waist Clip Fan © Amazon

Whether you’re working outside in the yard, in the garage on the car, or touring theme parks in the hot Orlando summers, this little fan can help ya keep your cool!

Click here to buy the KOONIE Waist Clip Fan for $34.99!

5. Brilliant Evolution Stick on Lights

No electrician needed to install these lights! These can be easily installed with either heavy-duty adhesive tape or screws, which are included in the packaging.  And they come with a remote to adjust the brightness, and coolness or warmth of the light, depending on your preference.

Brilliant Evolution Stick on Lights © Amazon

Great for use indoors or out, and the remote can control up to twelve lights at once! And with the dimmer settings, you can find the perfect light for small dark corners or just add a touch of extra warmth to your space.

Click here to buy the Brilliant Evolution Stick on Lights for $34.98!

6. Kexi H2 Handheld Garment

This handheld clothes steamer was created for easy storage and travel. It can prehead within 40-seconds and has enough water storage to steam up to 5 garments. Its features can smooth fabric around buttons and zippers.

Kexi H2 Handheld Steamer © Amazon

A great item for quick touch-ups before heading to work, or tossing in a suitcase to steam out your clothes after being crammed in your luggage.

Click here to buy the Kexi H2 Handheld Steamer for $79!

7. EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm

This little handy invention can provide some security while staying in a hotel, or help keep you in the loop if your toddler decides to go on a midnight stroll out of bed.

EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm © Amazon

It can be used as just a plan ol’ door stop or a door stop alarm. It has three different levels of sensitivities that you can choose from, and the alarm is a loud shrill alert that will call the attention of anyone nearby or stop a would-be intruder in their tracks.

Click here to buy the EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm for $13.99!

8. Sink Topper

Another fun gizmo for travel or for small spaces, this sink topper will expand your surface area in the bathroom and give you a bit more space and keep your items from sliding down in the sink.

Sink Topper © Amazon

Such a clever device that can really make a world of difference! Perfect for small living spaces like apartments or RVs, or great to bring along when you travel and have to share a bathroom with multiple guests.

Click here to buy the Sink Topper for $29.99!

9. WINONLY Magnetic Door Stopper

We know what you’re thinking, “What? Another door stopper?” But instead of keeping doors closed, this one will help keep doors open!

WINONLY Magnetic Door Stopper © Amazon

You can use adhesive tape or screws for a more secure installation. These magnetic door stops keep doors from slamming into walls and gently hold doors open for air circulation through the home.

Click here to buy the WINONLY Magnetic Door Stopper for $16.99!

10. Lightsaber Umbrella 

You’ll never regret another rainy day when you can use your very own Lightsaber Umbrella.  The light has 7 LED color options, so you can channel your inner Jedi or Sith on rainy days.

Lightsaber Umbrella © Amazon

It is a small, personal umbrella perfect for those drizzly days, but even the use of the Force won’t fortify this umbrella in a stormy, windy event. Still, it’s a fun accessory for any Star Wars fan

Click here to buy the Lightsaber Umbrella for $39.99!

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