The Ultimate Disney Baby Throwdown has Begun! Which Character Will Win It All?

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Over on our Instagram, we’re always asking you guys to vote in our Disney brackets! We’ve done everything from Disney Characters, Extinct Attractions, to Mickey Mouse outfits. But, our most recent bracket is definitely the cutest yet — we’re on the hunt to crown one Disney baby as the cutest!

There’s no doubt that Disney has made some pretty cute babies that have made us say “aw” at the screen, but which one reigns supreme? You tell us! We put the first round of matchups on our Instagram, and here’s what you had to say.

Our first matchup was between Baby Moana from Moana and Michael Darling from Peter Pan! Both of these babies get us with their doe-eyes, but Moana took the cake with 89% of the votes!

Moana vs. Michael

Of course, we had to include some of Disney’s baby animals! Our first matchup is between Simba and Sven. This one was pretty tight, but Sven beat Simba by a hair with 52% of the votes! Sven is moving on.

Simba vs. Sven

Next, we have Dory going up against Bambi. One of Disney’s standout adorable babies up against a classic! Dory beat Bambi by a solid margin with 69% of the votes.

Dory vs. Bambi

Next, we have a classic dog versus cat matchup with Copper from The Fox and the Hound up against Oliver from Oliver and Company! Both of these fur babies are precious, but Copper beat Oliver with 65% of the votes!

Copper vs. Oliver

And, when having to choose between Todd and Pua, AllEars readers voted Pua as the cuter baby.

Todd vs. Pua

Next up we’ve got Pegasus up against Miss Piggy. Pegasus took this round with 71% of the votes, and is moving on to the next round!

Pegasus vs. Miss Piggy

And, what about a battle between two of Disney’s cutest green babies — Kermit and Grogu? Kermit definitely got some love in this poll, but it was nothing against the Baby Yoda-mania that’s been consuming the globe the last 2 years! Grogu moves on with 64% of the votes!

Kermit vs. Grogu

Now, we’ve got a puppy battle! We know it’s hard to pick between adorable Disney puppies, but someone’s gotta do it. We put Scamp up against his own mom, Lady! At the end of the day, Lady came out on top with 74% of the votes!

Scamp vs. Lady

This one was a bit of a blowout! We put Mike Wazowksi up against baby Vision from WandaVision. Mike Wazowki took the win on this one with 95% of the votes.

Mike Wazowski vs. Vision

Our next baby matchup is between the Capybaras from Encanto and Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! While we’re suckers for Encanto, Groot won this one by a landslide with 71% of the votes!

Capybaras vs. Groot

Next up we’ve got a baby Pascal up against Dumbo! This one was pretty tight, but Dumbo walked away with the W with 55% of the votes.

Pascal vs. Dumbo

Okay, this one might be harder! We’ve got baby Rapunzel vs. Jack Jack. Jack Jack loves his cookie num nums, but not as much as you guys love Rapunzel. She walks away with the victory with 64% of the votes!

Rapunzel vs. Jack Jack

Next, we have a kitten matchup, and this one’s a blowout! Dinah from Alice in Wonderland was no match for the iconic Marie from The Aristocats. Ladies don’t start fights, but Marie finished this one with 93% of the votes!

Marie vs. Dinah

Here we’ve got Kuzco up against Boo. This little Pixar lady tugs at our heartstrings throughout Monsters Inc., and it seems like you guys agree. Boo took this round with 84% of the votes!

Kuzco vs. Boo

Next, we have Rolly vs. Bolt! While we would do anything to find a puppy like Bolt in our local shelter, he was no match for Rolly, who took this round with 63% of the votes!

Rolly vs. Bolt

Our last matchup is between Hercules and Tarzan! These little baby boys went head to head, and Tarzan came out on top with 60% of the votes.

Hercules vs. Tarzan

And, that’s it for round 1 of our Disney Baby Throwdown! Who will win the next matchups? Stay tuned to AllEars to see, and be sure to check out our Instagram to vote in the next round!

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Who do you think is going to win the Disney Baby Bracket? Let us know in the comments! 

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