AllEars: 7 Dingbats React to Disney’s Most EXPENSIVE Mistakes

“Woah, what was that sound?” Don’t worry, that was just the sound of another huge-budget Disney film flopping. And we aren’t talking close-calls either. We’re talking TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR-level flops (sorry to single you out John Carter).


“So if these movies are so bad, why should we listen to you talk about them?”
Well we didn’t exactly say these movies are bad. We’ll just say that with titles like John Carter, Return To Oz, Treasure Planet and Around The World In 80 Days being discussed, our panel found this to be a particularly polarizing episode. Pick a side and tell us in the comments as you watch 7 Dingbats React to Disney’s Most EXPENSIVE Mistakes.

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What is your favorite Disney Movie flop? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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One Reply to “AllEars: 7 Dingbats React to Disney’s Most EXPENSIVE Mistakes”

  1. Movies aren’t the only flops Disney has made. Some flops have been the size of a whole theme park. As much as I love the original Walt’s idea of Disney, today’s imagineering seems, in my mind, to be hiding behind doors smoking too much weed, and seeing who can come up with the most outrageous idea. Then management funds it with price increases and money saved from decreased perks while everyone lights up another doobie and thinks all is fine in Wonderland. Disney management would be smart to take the pulse of their long time customer right now. The customer knows more than Disney gives us credit for and when stockholders start seeing the results, it ain’t going to be pretty for somebody.