Star Wars is Introducing Kids to a Galaxy of Creatures!

There are plenty of fantastic critters inhabiting the planets of the Star Wars universe! You may not be the biggest Porg fan on the Outer Rim, but the truth is, it just wouldn’t be Star Wars without bizarre alien critters underfoot.

Porg Plush

From the banthas of Tattooine to the orbaks of Kef Bir, from the cinematic Skywalker saga to Dave Filoni’s animated adventures, those fabulous creatures are everywhere. And Star Wars Kids wants you and your own menagerie to get to know them!

A new episode of the animated series Galaxy of Creatures appears on every Thursday. There are already a dozen creatures on display. First were those pesky porgs. Most recently, the site highlighted the tauntauns that carry Luke Skywalker and his fellow Rebels across the tundras of Hoth.

©Star Wars/Lucasfilm

Did you know female blurrgs eat their male blurrg mates? Would you recognize a blurrg if one crept up behind you?


Because if your kids are fans of The Mandalorian, they sure would! Don’t be the last to know! To learn more, set your hyperspace coordinates to the Star Wars Kids website for new episodes.

Which Star Wars pet would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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