Go Behind the Scenes of Disney’s New ‘Encanto’ Movie With Lin-Manuel Miranda!

There’s a new Disney movie in theaters now! We’ve already checked out some of the awesome merchandise for the new film, and those colorful trailers kept us excited for months!

Disney’s ‘Encanto’ is out now!

Encanto has a talented team of songwriters including Lin-Manuel Miranda, and he recently shared some insight into the making of the film!

If you’re not familiar, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, playwright, and film director — talk about impressive! He has also written songs for movies like Disney’s Moana, so you can thank Miranda next time You’re Welcome gets stuck in your head!

Moana in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Miranda was even more involved with Disney’s newest movie Encanto, a movie about a magical family who lives in Colombia in a special place called the Encanto.  Speaking to D23 during the Inside Disney podcast, Miranda said, “Being in there from the beginning made a huge difference to me because I was able to be really involved from a story standpoint.”


The story focuses on the entire Madrigal family, which Lin-Manuel Miranda explained further, saying, “We’re gonna bring an entire intergenerational 12-character family to the screen and make the complexity of those relationships actually the story.”


Miranda explained that the team wanted to make a story that centered around navigating family relationships. When you listen to the songs, you’ll hear personal stories, as Miranda said, “the meat of it is our own family stories.”


From the first song, titled The Family Madrigal, the audience will immediately understand the family and everyone’s story. “I wrote it knowing that the characters might change, their powers might change, and they did, but the structure and writing that early was really a nice thing to put on the corkboard,” Miranda said.


Want to listen to the full interview and hear everything Lin-Manuel Miranda had to say about Encanto?

Click here to listen to the full Inside Disney podcast featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda!

Disney’s Encanto is in theaters now. If you check it out, be sure to let us know your thoughts! In the meantime, stay tuned for more Disney news and information!

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Have you seen Encanto yet? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “Go Behind the Scenes of Disney’s New ‘Encanto’ Movie With Lin-Manuel Miranda!”

  1. Yes, I saw Encanto and enjoyed it very much. Interesting film. Songs were lively and informative. Characters were mostly hilarious. Especially Dolores who shrugs her shoulders, hears everything, then makes a quick exit. And Bruno, welll…. I can’t talk about him. Silenzio Bruno! Oh , that’s a different movie. Luca. I suggest you see Encanto! It’s enchanting and funny and one hour and 49 minutes flew by. The merchandise is adorable too