Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Will Be Joining a Fan-Favorite Game!

Whatever coast you’re on, the Pirates of the Caribbean is a GREAT attraction that fans everywhere have fallen in love with over the years.

Lookin’ Good, Red!

But, now you can actually find out the secrets behind your favorite pirates in a brand new spin-off of a popular game!

Variety has shared that developer Rare has announced that it has partnered with Disney to expand the “Sea of Thieves” franchise to a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. During Microsoft’s E3 showcase, it was noted the multiplayer game would be adding the “A Pirate’s Life” expansion that would feature characters like Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.

Jack Sparrow

When “Sea of Thieves” was initially being created, Pirates of the Caribbean served as an inspiration for the game. So, now that there will be an expansion involving the franchise, it’s like a dream come true to the creators. Executive producer Joe Neate and creative director Mike Chapman noted that they’ve kept the secret of the game under wraps since 2019 as they worked with vice president of Disney and Pixar Games Luigi Priore.


When they began working on the game, Chapman noted that they pushed to maintain authenticity for both the Pirates of the Caribbean world and “Sea of Thieves” lore that has been around since 2018. He said, “The thing that we very quickly grasped onto was the idea that if the world of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is going to come to ‘Sea of Thieves,’ it needed to be something fundamental in terms of how those two worlds cross over. Not a bunch of side stories, take it or leave it, sort of parallel quests. It needed to be something that fundamentally moved the ‘Sea of Thieves’ world forward.”

Pirates of the Caribbean

The connection between the two franchises began with The Ferryman, who is the captain of the Ferry of the Damned. Since he brings back dead pirates to the Sea of Thieves, it made sense to incorporate Davy Jones since the character had a similar role in Pirates of the Caribbean.


Along with Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow is incorporated into the story. Chapman stated that “We’re delving into the idea of the deeper meaning of pirate freedom, or what it means to be a pirate. Jack has that awesome line that I love from the first movie around what a ship really is, is freedom. So the idea that the Sea of Thieves is positioned as this place that the pirate’s life lives forever — that kind of narrative idea that Jack would want to be in the ‘Sea of Thieves’ and he would see it like a legend, the legend of the fountain of youth — the positioning of the two worlds made a lot of sense.”

Pirates of the Caribbean

The team even consulted with one of Johnny Depp’s stunt doubles in order to make sure they had answers to questions, including “if Jack was gonna say this, what would he be doing with his hands? How would he carry himself? What would his posture be like?” Since Jack Sparrow eventually becomes a part of the player’s crew, there needed to be a focus on accuracy for the character.


There are even references to Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, along with the films. There is audio used from the ride in the game, where players can hear the “Dead Men Tell No Tales” echoes in the grottos. Of course, the “Sea of Thieves” does build on the Pirates of the Caribbean lore, especially in the Sea of the Damned where pirates best dreams and worst nightmares come to life.

Who’s ready for a trip to the Caribbean?

Chapman explained, “If Jack Sparrow is lost in the Sea of the Damned, you get to explore some of the moments from his life. So it allows us to bring these fantastical takes on moments you remember from the movies or moments you remember from the attraction to life in a way that makes absolute sense in the narrative that we’re telling.”

Although there have been past games based on Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney thought it would be the best choice to join with the best pirate game that already exists. Priore also detailed that “It’s hard to make a game from scratch. And if you’re thinking about pirates and you’re thinking about what’s the best pirate game out there, probably ever made, it’s ‘Sea of Thieves.’ Why would you try to beat something that’s the best out there? Why not build something together?”

The creators detailed how fans have already been thrilled about the crossover. Chapman said, “If you did a Venn Diagram of fans of ‘Sea of Thieves’ and fans of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ it would just be a circle.” And, Neate added, “For our fans, the ‘Sea of Thieves’ fans as well as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ fans, I think they’re almost gonna be as emotional as us. It’s a genuine dream come true for everyone.”

Pirates of the Caribbean

We have to say that it sounds like an AMAZING game, and we can’t wait to play it ourselves! Of course, you can stay tuned with All Ears for even more details on Disney entertainment and news coming soon!

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Have you ever played “Sea of Thieves?” Let us know in the comments below!

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