These New Cozy Knit Plushes in Disneyland Are the Cutest Thing We’ve Seen All Day!

Cozy Knit plushes are some of the cuddliest toys around, and their handmade look has a lot of retro appeal.

World of Disney Downtown Disney ©Disney

World of Disney at Downtown Disney in Disneyland has just debuted a new collection of Cozy Knit Plushes, and they are just as cute as they sound.

This new collection of cozy knit plushes is inspired by classic Disney Cartoons, including Steamboat Willie and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!

Speaking of Retro Appeal…

First off, we’ve got a pair of plushes inspired by the classic Disney couple, Mickey and Minnie! The design of these Mickey and Minnie Plushes is inspired by Steamboat Willie, one of the first-ever Mickey Mouse cartoons… but not the first ever Disney cartoons!

Available in classic monochrome designs!

Oswald, the lovable lucky rabbit, is even older than Mickey, and has his own plush in this new collection!

Oswald here is even older!

Finally, in a much more recent design… we’ve got Duchess from the Aristocats!

Normally Marie gets all the spotlight, so this is a cute surprise!

We found these new plushes at World of Disney in Disneyland for $27.99 each!

Which cozy knit plush is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you real soon!

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