Celebrate Classic Disney Animation With the New Ink and Paint Collection in Disneyland!

One of our favorite part of Disney+ has been getting to go through the library of Disney films from years past, and taking in the beautiful art of Disney animation!

Ink and Paint Collection

And now, we have another way to celebrate our love of Disney’s classic animated films. Ink & Pant has debuted a huge collection of new merchandise celebrating Disney’s vault of films, and we’re checking it all out at the World of Disney Store in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney!

First off, let’s take a look at this super cool Disneyland Spirit Jersey featuring the Ink & Paint designs. We love this collection for showing the process of animating from sketch to full color!

Disneyland Spirit Jersey

On the front, the beautiful pattern continues, showcasing sketches from films like FantasiaAlice in Wonderland, and Pinocchio. Available for $69.99, this spirit jersey is the perfect addition to any Disney buff’s wardrobe!

Disneyland Spirit Jersey

If the designs inspire you to try your hand at coloring for yourself, this Ink & Paint Backpack will be perfect for you! Available for $34.99, it comes with a mostly black and white design, along with fabric markers that you can use to color it in and make it your own!


For $19.99 you can grab a surprise Sorcerer Mickey Plush, which comes housed in a paint can. Available in five different colors and patterns, you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you get — they’re all cute!

Plush Mickey

The collection also has a bunch of kitchen items! Have the most colorful space around with the Ink & Paint Kitchen Towels for $19.99.

Kitchen Towels

And deck out that fridge with this super cute Mickey Palette Magnet for $12.99.

Palette Magnet

Seriously, they’ve thought of everything. There are even silver Napkin Holders for $7.99 each!

Napkin Ring

Which is perfect since you can also get this set of Colorful Cloth Napkins for $34.99. Looks like we’re hosting the most colorful dinner party ever!

Napkin Set

You can complete your table setting with some ceramic items from the collection, like these 4-Plate Sets featuring Mary Poppins Penguins


…or the Three Caballeros for $39.99!


This might just be the most elaborate toothpick holder we’ve ever seen and honestly, we can get behind it. Pick up the Artist Palette Toothpick Holder for $39.99.

Toothpick Holder

More dishware comes in the form of a Set of Four Bowls for $34.99.

Bowl Set

If you want to take a piece of this cute collection with you everywhere, good news — there are also a selection of keychains! There’s one for One Hundred and One Dalmations, which features a sketch of Pongo and Perdita.


And there’s also a beautifully colorful Dumbo Keychain!


You can also rep your love of Fantasia with the Fantasia Keychain.


Or get your dance on with the Mary Poppins Penguins Keychain!


Finally, you can party it up with the Three Caballeros Keychain! Pick up any one of these keychains for $9.99 (or all of them, we won’t judge).


We think artsy kiddos would love this massive Multicolor Paintbrush Pen for $12.99!

Paintbrush Pen

And they can use it to write in the Ink & Paint Journal for $19.99.


All in all, we’re super excited to see this cool collection in stores and we can’t wait to see more! You can find the collection in its entirety at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney!

What do you think of the Ink and Paint Collection? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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