Who Will Get the Pilot’s Final Rose? The New Season of ABC’s The Bachelor Starts Tonight!

Today is a huge day for “Bachelor Nation” — i.e. the millions of self-appointed superfans of ABC’s longtime reality show The Bachelor. 


That’s because the three-hour premiere of Peter’s season airs on ABC tonight!

Viewers of the show will remember Peter Weber, season 23’s bachelor, from Hannah B.’s previous season. And since we’ve already binge-watched The Mandalorian multiple times, we’re looking forward to having something to fill the void. What can we expect to see in tonight’s episode? As longtime watchers, we can’t wait to watch as the limos start to pull up to the mansion and the women make their grand “entrances”! As they introduce themselves to Peter for the first time, we’re hoping to see some sparks fly!


The show is hosted by Chris Harrison and has been running on ABC since 2002. So grab your popcorn and get ready to make your Fantasy League draft picks for who’ll win Peter Weber’s heart — and final rose!

Are you a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? Tell us who your favorite contestant has been in the comments below!

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