Which Disney Sidekick Is Your Spirit Animal?

We love the Disney sidekicks so much and think that they are such important characters in the Disney universe. What would our most loved Disney films be without the likes of Hei Hei, Jiminy Cricket, Sebastian and Flounder, and Mushu?

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Some would say the sidekicks often make the movie! And we think that is true.

Think of the qualities of these VIPs (Very Important Pals) — loyal, supportive, insightful, often comic relief.  Have you ever wondered which Disney sidekick you’re most like? Which Disney sidekick is your spirit animal?

Pascal is a small chameleon from the film Tangled. Pascal is loyal and true to those he cares about, like Rapunzel.  He’s also a great hype man since he always pushing Punzie to be her best self. Pascal is a great cheerleader. He will help you celebrate your successes and he will boost you up when you’re feeling down. Pascal is also witty and loves to play little jokes on Rapunzel by playing hide and seek.

So if you are a great cheerleader who likes to celebrate other’s successes, and are witty, then Pascal might be your spirit animal.


On the other hand, there’s Maximus. As a trained palace horse for the Royal Guard of Corona, he is brave and dedicated. He stops at nothing until he reaches his goals. Maximus is also extremely intelligent.  He’s feared by many criminals, but he has a big heart. Maximus Also gives others a second chance. He shows this when he ends up becoming best friends with his arch nemesis Flynn Rider.

If you are brave, dedicated, have a big heart and tend to forgive those who have wronged you, then Maximus is your spirit animal.


Sebastian is dedicated to his career. He is often carefree, especially when it comes to his music. But, he can be very focused and strict when it comes to his job. With this being said, Sebastian is one who follows his heart, so he sometimes becomes more lenient during tough situations than King Trident would like. Sebastian is both loyal and kind, he would do anything to support the ones he loves. But he also worries. He worries that he is not enough for those around him and he faces a lot of anxiety when making tough decisions.

If you are focused, strict, loyal, kind, but sometimes anxious, Sebastian is likely your spirit animal.


Flounder is Ariel’s best friend. The two often go on crazy adventures together, even though these adventures tend to make Flounder nervous. He is very loyal and protective of Ariel. And although he is sort of a coward, he wants to make sure Ariel is safe. When times get tough, Flounder pushes past his nerves and anxiety, proving that he is actually a pretty brave character. Flounder is also a good listener, as Ariel often confides in him.

If you’re a good best friend, loyal, protective, push past your fears and are brave when you have to be then Flounder is your spirit animal!

Terk kind of takes on the big sister role with Tarzan.  She is very protective and often worries about Tarzan’s safety. Terk can be a little bossy at times, but it’s just because she knows what’s best for Tarzan and the others… or so she thinks.

If you’re protective, a little bossy, but loving to your friends then Terk might be your Disney spirit animal.


Tantor is like a giant teddy bear... well, elephant in this case. What we mean is that though large in size, Tantor is very timid and gentle. Tantor has a laundry list of phobias and can be quite cowardly. But, he is very loyal to his friends and has a very warm-hearted demeanor. Though he can come off as ditsy at times, like when he thought Tarzan was a subspecies of elephant, Tantor is actually very intelligent.

Are you’re a little timid, gentle, have a few phobias, are cowardly, and warm-hearted then you might be a  Tantor, too!

Kristoff astride Sven in Frozen

Sven is a loyal best friend who has stuck by Kristoff’s side for years. He is also very playful, sort of like a puppy. He often acts as Kristoff’s conscience, trying to push him to do the right thing and to make smart decisions. Sven also has a more serious side. He can sometimes be very stern, standing his ground against Kristoff if he must. Sven is pretty clumsy and is easily distracted. His has a very childlike essence and is pretty innocent when it comes to the world. This makes him an instant hit with Anna.

Are you loyal, playful, clumsy, easily distracted, with just a dash of seriousness? Then, Sven might just be your spirit animal.

What about Cinderella’s mice friends, Gus and Jaq?

Gus is Jaq’s best friend. He follows Jaq around and follows directions to the best of his ability. But, what Gus is most concerned about is food. His number one priority is ensuring that his belly is satisfied. He is Lucifer the cat’s main target, but what Lucifer doesn’t realize is that Gus is very brave. He even puts up his fists when people are rude to Cindy.

Do you love food? Do you always follow directions, but sometimes exhibit bravery?  Then you may be a Gus!

Jaq and Gus-Gus in Cinderella ©Disney

Jaq is very quick-witted, he often thinks on his feet. This helps him out of tough situations, especially with Lucifer. Jaq is also one of Cinderella’s most loyal friends. He is the leader of the group and often makes the decisions. Jaq is also very brave. He actually confronts Lucifer head on.

If you are quick-witted, think on your feet, are loyal and a true leader, then Jaq is your Disney sidekick spirit animal.


Mushu is a very confident character, always striving to be the best version of himself. Or really just the best overall, especially when it comes to the family guardians. He can be selfish at times, allowing others to do his dirty work to help him gain power, like when he decided to “help” Mulan on her journey. Mushu is very funny and often makes jokes. He does admit when he is wrong and ultimately sees the errors of his ways.

If you’re confident, very funny, but sometimes a little selfish, call Mushu your spirit animal.

Timon is a pretty self-centered character, too. He loves attention and wants the spotlight to always be focused on him. He is accepting of others — look at his best friend Pumbaa the warthog! And he befriended  Simba, a then-lion cub. He is a dreamer and loves to sing and dance… as long as it means the focus will remain on him. Due to his small size, he relies on those around him for protection. Timon can be selfish at times, but he is a loyal friend.

Are you accepting, a little self-centered, a dreamer, love to perform, and loyal? If yes, then Timon is your spirit animal.

Timon and Pumbaa ©Disney

Pumbaa is actually a very smart sidekick. He knows a lot of information about the world around him, especially when it comes to food. Though he can have some seemingly ditsy moments, Pumbaa is very kind-hearted and open to those around him. He sometimes overshares but doesn’t really see an issue with this. Pumbaa tries to do the right thing and sticks with his friends no matter what.

Are you smart, but a little ditsy at times, kind-hearted, open, and stick with your friends? Do you also love to eat? Then, Pumbaa is your Disney sidekick spirit animal.


Thumper is a mischevous little one. He loves to give his friends advice, although this often gets them into a bit of trouble.

Does mischief, troublemaking, loyal, advice-giver describe you? Then, Thumper is your spirit animal.

White Rabbit can seem a bit uptight, but this is mostly because he fears his life due to the Queen of Hearts. He likes to be on time and is very orderly.

Are you a little uptight, always on time, and orderly? Then, your spirit animal is totally White Rabbit.

Meeko in Pocahontas ©Disney

Meeko likes to eat and can be sort of a thief at times, stealing yummy treats from others. He is also very sly and greedy. His slyness helps him steal to appeal to his more greedy side.

If you’re sly, greedy, and love food Meeko is your Disney spirit animal for sure.

Piglet has a large number of phobias which drive his anxiety. He pushes through his stutter, trying not to let it bring him down. He cares what others think, which often pushes him out of his comfort zone. Piglet is creative, also pretty strong even though he is tiny.

Piglet is your spirit animal if you have anxiety, but are caring and creative.

Jiminy Cricket follows down a righteous path. Since he works as a conscience he is level-headed and always tries to make the right decision. He is very devoted to Pinocchio but is also fun-loving. He has a big and loving heart and cares deeply for those around him. He is a little quirky and will even talk to inanimate objects when wanting to spark up a conversation.

Jiminy Cricket is your Disney spirit animal if you’re reliable and level-headed, try to make the right decision, are fun-loving, and can be quirky.

Louis in Princess and the Frog ©Disney

Louis is another gentle giant type of character. He’s a dreamer who loves jazz and his trumpet. He is willing to go to extensive lengths to achieve his dreams. He is quite knowledgable, especially when it comes to humans.

Are you a gentle dreamer who will do anything to achieve your dreams? Then Louis is your spirit animal.

Pegasus is a very protective character, especially towards Hercules. He is brave and will jump head first into scary situations. Pegasus is also the jealous type. He doesn’t want anyone getting in the way of he and Hercules relationship. He is also a very playful, fun, and loyal character.

Pegasus is your spirit animal if you’re protective, brave, jealous, playful, fun, and loyal.


Abu often gets into trouble. It is hard for him to resist his urges to steal, especially shiny things and food. Abu can be easily influenced at times. And though he makes bad decisions from time to time, he is a really loving and loyal friend to Aladdin. He is sneaky, energetic, and often cowardly.

You’re an Abu if you often find yourself in trouble, are easily influenced, but are loving, loyal, and energetic

Bullseye is very loyal and happy character. Though shy at times, Bullseye can get really excited. He is a great friend, especially to Woody. He is also a very fun and loving character.

Are you shy, a great friend, fun and loving? If so, you might call Bullseye your spirit animal.

Dug with Russell in UP

Dug is optimistic and lovable. He can sometimes come off as dimwitted, but he is a very pleasant character to be around. He is caring, loving, and loyal.

Are you lovable, optimistic, caring, and loyal? If so, then your spirit animal could be Dug.

Hei-hei is not the smartest in the bunch. OK, let’s not beat around the bush, he isn’t smart at all. He’s quite oblivious when it comes to the world and his surroundings. Hei-hei also has a lot of fears.

Would you admit that you can be a bit oblivious and are a little fearful of the world? But also that you love your friends and go to crazy lengths for them? Then go on and call your spirit animal Hei-hei.

Which Disney sidekick would you say is your spirit animal? Let us know in the comments below! 

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4 Replies to “Which Disney Sidekick Is Your Spirit Animal?”

  1. How is Olaf not on this list?! He’s the best sidekick ever! Funny, loving & wise hidden beneath a simple character. He would melt for Anna!

  2. Sorry, not a Disney Character, but my cartoon spirit animal would be Crusty from The Incredible Mr. Limpet. He’s an old, grouchy, cantankerous crab that deep down is a good critter who means well and a loyal friend.

    However, some Allears readers may have another animal in mind for me.