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Pin Palooza is a week away (October 15) and thought you might want some helpful tips!

** The Link to the Live Pin Palooza will be on the AllEars Home page: http://

** As you are scrolling through the list and selecting your pin wishes (comments), so are a couple hundred other folks. I go through the requests in the order they are received.

** In the comment box, simple put the number of the pin(s) you are interested in:
EXAMPLE: 2, 33, 95, 200

** Once I get to your request I will publish your comment with notations of what is already sold and what is yours.
EXAMPLE: 2 Gone, 33 Yours, 95 Yours, 200 Gone

** I will also update the blog to show you have pledged for that pin.

** It takes time to go through each comment and respond what is available and adjust the spreadsheet.

**Patience is the key!

** I will continue to update the main Pin Palooza Page during the day and announce when things have concluded for the day.

** On Sunday I will offer the remaining pins for a few hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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7 Replies to “Pin Palooza Tips”

  1. I am hoping to see something that I want and can afford. Fingers crossed and I hope you raise a bunch of money!

    DEB: Thanks so much! Over 300 pins starting at $15!

  2. Hi –
    First time participating in Pin Palooza so a couple of questions:
    1) Everyone will be seeing the pins tomorrow for the first time, is that correct?!


    2) I’ve used PayPal before, but not in a long time (on eBay.) Is it difficult to reestablish my user info and password so that the process is seamless and easier for the both of us? Thanks, Debbie!
    From Cat in California

    DEB: Yes, other than the collages of pins for the previews, everyone sees the pins for the very first time at 1pm today, Sunday.

    Can’t really help you with PayPal, sorry. However, the link to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is all about credit card donations.