Disney Pic of the Week: Polynesian Lobby

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I was one of the many disappointed when the announcement was made the Polynesian Lobby would be totally renovated. The waterfall and the plants were so beautiful.

As I went in search of a waterfall photo, I came across this one taken during the month of December. I do like Poinsettias. Hope you do as well.


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2 Replies to “Disney Pic of the Week: Polynesian Lobby”

  1. My husband and I were very disappointed. We spent part of our honeymoon at Polynesian and took a photo sitting on the benches that lined the fountain and plants. We tried to do so on every subsequent trip. Not sure where the heck we’re going to take that next photo. So sad.

  2. I was very disappointed when I saw this growning up as a kid i remember walking into the sound of water evertime we got off the monorail to go to ohana I was upset that it was removed it felt like i was actually at maui when we did the trip to lahina. To bad my husband and future children wont experience that same thing.