Hall of Presidents Lobby in the Magic Kingdom

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Hall of Presidents' lobby in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Fisheye view of the lobby inside the Hall of Presidents.
Nikon D700/Sigma 15mm, 1/6s, f/8, ISO 200, EV 0.

The above photo took two years to get it right. The first time I attempted this photo, I did not notice the release cable was in the corner of the frame. The railing surrounding The Great Seal of the United States confounded any skill I had in removing the cable without ruining the image. Last December, when I again visited the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom, I had my new Fisheye lens which captured even more of the lobby than the wide angle lens I used previously. As luck with have it, the last show of the night was about to start. I waited for everyone to exit the lobby and took this photo.

A patriotic scene for the Disney Pic of the Week for the Magic Kingdom.

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3 Replies to “Hall of Presidents Lobby in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. this is by far one of the coolest photos I’ve seen! Awesome job 🙂

    Scott replies: Thank you, Cheri!

  2. Well, how fantastic is this picture!!!! It was truly worth waiting for. I hope you frame it !
    Great job, Scott.

    Scott replies: I think so too. Thank you!

  3. Hi Scott,
    I always enjoy your photographs but this one is Awesome.
    Have a magical day.

    Scott replies: Thank you so much!