High Above the Monorail

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Getting a bird’s eye view of a monorail at Walt Disney World only happens in two locations that I’m aware of. The first is from high level floors at the Contemporary Resort across the way from the entrance and exit to the monorail. The other is out a few windows at the Grand Floridian. My photo was taken via the latter.


Disney Pic of the Week – Monorails
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2 Replies to “High Above the Monorail”

  1. Errata: The monorail view on Google Earth cited in my previous comment on 03/12/2011 is actually west of Innovations West, putting it southwest of Spaceship Earth. Also, the image date was May 2010, not March.

    The moral of this story is double check your sources before opening your mouth, or keyboard. Mea culpa (or “my bad” for those how prefer more contemporary lingo). Anyway, the bird’s eye views afforded by arial photography (not to be confused with pictures taken by the Little Mermaid) found on Google Earth and other web sites is an interesting addition perspective as well as a source of behind the scenes information showing some of the more prosaic infra-structure so cleverly obscured by the imagineers. Rather than diluting the magic, this enhances my appreciation of these talented people.

    Thank you for your consideration and keep the pixie dust coming for those of us out of the “World”.

  2. I was wondering if you could see the monorail from the Characters in Flight balloon for another bird’s eye view, albeit a rather distant one? I’ve also chased down three or four monorails, circa March 2010, on Google Earth. One of them is located to the west of Spaceship Earth.

    Jack Spence answered your question because I haven’t experienced Characters in Flight.
    I scanned all of my pictures taken on Characters in Flight. You can see the end of the Contemporary and thus, the monorail entering and exiting the building. But that’s it looking toward the Magic Kingdom. When looking at Epcot, you can see one small section of the track that is nearest to World Showcase. Blink and you’ll miss it. In other words, no good view of the monorail can be had from up here.