Five Great Photography Websites

What? Summer is over? The kids are back (or soon will be) in school. Labor Day is Monday. And, my blog vacation is over. In reflecting on all that I know many of you will start and/or return to exploring photography. I thought I’d help you out by giving you Five Great Photography Websites I visit frequently each week and why:

1. Digital Photography School – this website contains tutorials, equipment and software reviews, how-to’s on taking photographs to post-processing, inspirational photo essays and hosts a wonderful community of photographers of all levels of experience.

2. The Pioneer Women: Photography – Looking for a fun way to learn about photography? This is the place. Ree is wonderful at taking any photography concept and easily explaining it in her Texas Down-to-Earth way. Some people might be interested in other parts of her website, too.

3. Photofocus – Scott Bourne is an accomplished professional photographer who has a mix of inspirational and equipment geek posts to satisfy both the right and left side of a photographer’s brain.

4. Your Photo Tips – weekly and monthly postings showing some of the best photography found around the Internet along with monthly book reviews and photography tips.

5. Ken Rockwell – Ken Rockwell is a bit controversial mainly because he is a working photographer and doesn’t have time to mince words. He is independent and says it the way he sees it. I find that refreshing and the guy knows his stuff. Want to know something about a Canon or Nikon camera? Ken’s website is the place to go.

These five sites will give you plenty of reading and inspiration to go out and photograph the coming fall season and your next trip to a Disney resort or themepark!

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4 Replies to “Five Great Photography Websites”

  1. I know this is a bit late, but thank you so much for the link to the Pioneer Woman site. I’ve been looking for something like that for a long time–thank you!

    Scott replies: You’re welcome, Sara! Enjoy! Ree knows her stuff and knows how communicate it.

  2. I would like to recommend 1 more photo website: Trey Ratcliff uses digital photography with a process called HDR. He has some of the most amazing Disney photos I have ever seen. His website also has tutorials to teach others how to use his process along with the recommendations on the software and equipment he uses.

    Scott replies: Way cool website, Winnetta! HDR is something I haven’t explored yet. Thank you for pointing this website out so we all can learn from a master.