Disney twenty+three D23 Premiere Issue

UPDATE – The Official Website is now live:

For a number of weeks now, the Disney online community has been buzzing about D23 trying to figure out exactly what it meant! Speculation began to turn towards a new Disney Fan Club and early last week a few websites were displaying photographs of what appeared to be D23 membership pins.

Over the last several days, the premiere issue of Disney twenty+three (slated to debut on March 10, 2009) began to surface in book stores. So this morning, as I passed my local Barnes and Noble store, I decided to stop in.

In the magazine section was a small black stand with a couple layers of the new magazine.

 Disney twenty+three Premiere Issue

It was packaged very nicely in cellophane to protect the pages, or perhaps to keep folks from thumbing through it before they pay the list price of $15.95.

A simple black and white cover with Walt, the magazine is on heavy glossy paper and measures 11 x 12 1/2.

“Welcome to the premiere issue of Disney twenty-three, the new quarterly publication exclusively for D23: The Official Community for Disney Fans.”

Below are some snapshots of the issue. It even includes photographs from the February American Idol Press Event!

You’ll see a wide range of topics from Walt himself to themeparks, dining, movies, imagineers, and broadway.

 Disney twenty+three Premiere Issue

 Disney twenty+three Premiere Issue

 Disney twenty+three Premiere Issue

 Disney twenty+three Premiere Issue

 Disney twenty+three Premiere Issue

More to come as I look through the magazine.

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32 Replies to “Disney twenty+three D23 Premiere Issue”

  1. Hey! I, like all of you, have been wondering what the “D23” ads were all about. So I was glad to open my email from DisneyShopping yesterday and finally find out all about it!! Of cours I joined right away–cannot miss a single issue!! I did balk at the cost at first but then I read on and found out all that came with the subscription. It sounds wonderful. Now I am jealous that some people have their magazines already!!

  2. I found this info at http://d23.disney.go.com/articles/031009_NF_FS_DisneyTwentyThree.html

    Disney twenty-three subscriptions are only available by becoming a member of D23: The Official Community for Disney Fans. Individual issues retail for $15.95 and are exclusively available at all U.S. Barnes & Noble booksellers, Disneyshopping.com, all domestic Disney Stores, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Back issues will be available at Disneyshopping.com.

  3. UK Disney stores have no idea about this at all or the UK Disney online store. Think we are going to have to subscribe via the main US Site.

  4. Hubby and I had to run out to B & N and pick up the mag-it’s beautiful! $16 is a little high, but the quality was wonderful-I read it from front to back-every article was wonderfully written and the photos were gorgeous-can’t wait to see more of Annie Liebewitz’s photos!

  5. I work in Chicago and was just at Barnes & Noble and Borders and neither had D23 nor did they know what it was. Does anyone know if the magazine was sent outside of Orlando area?

    Deb’s Note: Yes, I purchased mine in Maryland.

  6. There is an article mentioned in one of the D23 press releases about the Cinderella Suite opening in WDW. Do you have details on this since I can’t get a copy of this magazine yet?

  7. Is this just a money making scheme by Disney in order to exploit their fans. $74.99 seems like alot of money in these tough economic times. You would have thought that they would have taken this into consideration. I think that they could have been a little more creative by lets say offering registration before a certain date for maybe $49.99.

  8. Sounds great. I will absolutely have to check D23 out !!!
    For those of you looking for a good Disney Magazine and want to keep costs down, don’t forget about the new publication, Celebrations. Look for it at http://www.celebrationspress.com.

    (No, I’m not affiliated with the magazine … just thought you might like it …)

  9. How many pages are in the magazine? The photos look beautiful, but I’m wondering if it’s a tiny magazine for that price or a fairly sizeable one. Thanks!

    Deb’s Note: Looks like 62 pages.

  10. Just joined D23 also. $74.99 includes quarterly magazine, special keepsake, certificate and membership card and other special items.

  11. How popular do you think this club will be? I guess for $74.99/year, being a member and getting 4 $16 magazines, it’s worth it.

  12. Much more info is online and available now! The magazine (oversize and gorgeous, got mine yesterday) is only one part of D23. D23 is the new, official Disney Fan Club – info can be found here: http://d23.disney.go.com/articles/031009_NF_FS_WhatsAlltheBuzz.html

    The new fan club costs $75 for a one-year membership and includes a subscription to the magazine. If you intend to get the magazine anyway, that’s $64 a year, so it makes sense to spring for the membership.

    There are some other benefits to being a member too, so check out Disney’s site for more info!

  13. If you make a trip to B&N and don’t find the mag, just ask. They had to go to the back to get it. It’s just too fresh for some stores I suppose.

  14. From a question earlier: the D23, D is for DIsney, of course, 23 is from the year that Walt got to California and opened his studios, later to be renamed the DIsney Studios.

  15. I’m actually really disappointed in Disney. NOT because the magazine costs 16 bucks (please, I’ll pay that. I love anything Disney) but because they hyped up the Are you 23? website with the countdown and everything, and I went on today and now the countdown is at -1 day. Um..isn’t today the day they are supposed to tell us all about Disney Twenty Three magazine?! So whoever is involved with that website really dropped the ball.

    Also, I called my local Disney Store (Braintree, MA) at 1pm and they have not gotten in their shipment of that magazine yet. But they will be carrying it.

  16. Just joined D23. You can do this by going to the disneyshopping.com website and purchase your yearly mebership. It cost $74.99 + tax. It come with some stuff not just the magazine.

  17. I just bought mine at my local Disney Store, the cast members/associates said it is exclusive to the disney store and barnes & noble. They also put and insert in my bag for D23 membership and the web site.

  18. Hi! I just called every bookstore within a 30mi radius of my home and no one had even heard of this magazine. So I called the nearest Disney Store and, JACKPOT! I was told they had 3 cases of them.

  19. This is great news, Thanks Deb.

    Unfortunately it seems the high end magazines are hitting this price tag these days. I have a subscription for a tech magazine of the same quality at a similar price. As they say, you get what you pay for and this looks to be something worth looking into.

  20. Anyone know of where I can get this online? Not necessarily a subscription if that’s not offered yet, but just online? I tried Barnes and Noble’s site but came up empty.

  21. Will this be available in the UK, does anyone know? Or am I going to have to wait the 6 1/2 weeks till I go? 😉

    Deb’s note: We have no subscription info as of now. Once we get it we will post it.

  22. Nice magazine.
    I am from The Netherlands, where can i buy this item?

    Thanx Geert

    Deb’s note: We have no subscription info as of now. Once we get it we will post it.

  23. Hi Deb,
    Do you know if this magazine is available in Canada?

    Deb’s note: We have no subscription info as of now. Once we get it we will post it.

  24. Hi Deb was wondering if you think I would be able to get a copy of this in Perth Western Australia. If so where? Thanks

    Deb’s note: We have no subscription info as of now. Once we get it we will post it.

  25. Where can I get it?

    Deb’s Note: Check your book stores and any Disney stores in your area. We have no subscription info as of now. Once we get it we will post it.

  26. Great work! I’m interested to find the significance of the title. From a marketing standpoint, I wonder what Disney’s goals are for this publication.

    Deb’s Note: 1923 is the year the Walt Disney Company began.

  27. Wow, are you kidding me? $16/issue? That’s a hefty price to ask us Disney fans to pay, especially in these times and especially when theme park attendance is down….

    What is the SUBSCRIPTION rate?

    Deb’s Note: There was no subscription information in the magazine I have. No membership information for the D23 club either.

  28. So I just ran upstairs to B&N in the mall where I work after I read this post and and they do not have it!!! HO HUM! Keep share ‘n Deb!

  29. Hi Deb! What’s the signigicance of the number ‘twenty+three’? there HAS to be some meaning or story behind it! Any ideas??

    Deb’s Note: 1923 is the year the Walt Disney Company was established.

  30. We tried to tell them at the time not to suspend publication of the Disney Magazine….

    I will definitely be checking this new publication out. Thanks

    Thanks for the preview.