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The Hunchback of Notre Dame
A Musical Adventure

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NOTE: The Hunchback of Notre Dame ended its run
September 28, 2002.

hunchback cast


Fifteenth century France is brought to life before your eyes on the Backlot Theater stage, with colorful sets and brightly costumed performers in a magical musical staging of The Hunchback of Notre Dame -- A Musical Adventure. You'll find Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Phoebus and their friends by walking to the end of New York Street, then making a left.

Matt the Juggler


Pre-Show - There are several different performers who "warm-up" the audience beginning about 20 minutes prior to show-time. Matt the Juggler is my personal favorite, as he demonstrates wit and a real talent for juggling -- even though by now I know almost all of his jokes!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - A Musical Adventure - Following the script of the original animated feature pretty closely, the show traces the life of the orphaned Quasimodo. Despite the efforts of the cold, self-righteous Judge Frollo, the deformed bell-ringer eventually finds freedom through his relationship with the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda and the captain of the guard, Phoebus. The story is told through the use of uplifting musical numbers pulled straight from the film, vibrant costumes, innovative and expressive puppets, and a healthy helping of special effects.

Mini-Review: In my opinion, this is consistently the best production currently running at the Disney's Hollywood Studios. The staging, music and talented performances make this show a joy to watch even after repeated visits. One warning though: if I'm in the audience, you might want to cover your ears so you don't hear me singing along with Quasimodo as he performs "Out There"!

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This show is performed several times a day and lasts approximately 32 minutes.

EsmeraldaThe best place to sit for this show is up front, close to the walkway that extends into the audience. All the characters make extensive use of this walkway, making you feel a part of the show.

Try to see this show early or later in the day - despite the fact that it's open, the theater tends to get hot in the midday.

Don't miss the entertaining pre-show! Claim your seat at the theater at least 20 minutes prior to show time. Be forewarned, though - those sitting in the front seats are frequently called on to "help" with the juggler.

Be sure to note how the puppeteer working Djali, Esmeralda's goat, shows the emotion of the scene on his face as he manipulates the puppet.

Watch the character of Clopin carefully throughout the show -- in several scenes, he duplicates the action occurring onstage or re-enacts scenes that occurred off-stage with puppets.

Many children find the themes of this show a bit over their heads and may be bored -- Hunchback seems to have a much stronger appeal to an older audience. If your child wasn't wild about this movie, you may want to skip this show with them. Come back to see it later without them!

This attraction is wheel chair/ECV accessible, with special seating available.

Singin' in the Rain UmbrellaAssistive Listening Devices from Guest Services Can Be Used Here.

The nearest restrooms are located in Mama Melrose's restaurant a few minutes away from the theater.

Across the street from the exits of the Backlot Theater, be sure to look for the Singin' in the Rain umbrella! It's a great spot for a Gene Kelly photo opportunity -- just watch out for the rain! If you step in the right spot, you're sure to get showered!


The show's performers walk into the audience along the runway in the middle of the theater at several points during the show. At the end of the show, they'll shake hands.

Small children may be frightened at several scenes, including one in which puppets and towns are set on fire.

The Backlot Theater is located next to the Character Greeting spot called Al's Toy Barn, which features characters from the Toy Story movies.

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There is no place to eat in the immediate vicinity of the Hunchback of Notre Dame show.


There is no place to shop in the immediate vicinity of the Hunchback show.


The Backlot Theater has housed several other productions prior to the Hunchback of Notre Dame, including Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas.

Some of the original Hunchback cast members moved to shows in the Animal Kingdom when that park opened.

Many other photos of this breathtaking show can be found in the Hunchback of Notre Dame Photo Gallery.