Service Animals
Disney Transportation

Donna shares her experiences with Disney Transportation
and her Service Dog Gracie

Monorail: It's like any other ride. You dog must be well-behaved and sit quietly for the ride. Gracie sits beside me all the way. She doesn't get in people's way much as they board and get off, but she's in the middle with my wheelchair, unless Ed's there. Then she sits quietly with him 'til we get off. She waits until the chair is out, then she gets out. She never causes any trouble for anybody on the monorail.

Boat: Like all the other rides, the dog much be well-behaved and sit quietly for the ride. Gracie usually lays down for boat rides, by my side. She can't bother people who are riding the boat (or the monorail, or the...). She must be quiet and unobtrusive, wherever she is. When we go to get off, she waits until my wheelchair of off, then she gets off.

Bus: This is one that's a little more difficult, but she does okay! Usually, I get a seat by myself and she gets in the seat too, and Ed sits behind us. If she doesn't want to be in a seat, she has to SIT in front of the seat, which doesn't leave much room for her at all (so she doesn't choose to stand in front instead of sitting on the seat very often at all!), She has to sit in front of the seat because she CANNOT block the aisle, and she's very good about placement on buses. But we avoid buses as often as we can, out of consideration for her!

Car: We have our own car she's used to riding in. No problems there.

Van: She often has to ride in a van when we take tours, etc., and we've been on many. It's the same as on a bus, except she has to be still and unobtrusive, moreso than on the bus, because space is at a premium on a van. But she's always done very well. She never gets "squirmy" or anything. She's always an excellent guest!

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