Pixies Sighted at WDW!

Walt Disney World is one of the best places to celebrate special occasions. The trip alone is plenty celebration for some folks. But you might be one of those people looking for something *extra* special. If you are, consider having the Pixies from Gifts of a Lifetime create a special event for your proposal, birthday, anniversary or no occasion at all, during your trip to Central Florida.

When you want that extra special magical happening, let the Pixies from Gifts of a Lifetime provide a unique experience for you and your family, friends and business associates.

Deb is pleased have a partnership with Orlando-based Presentations: Gifts of a Lifetime, Inc. After meeting with Chief Pixie Jane Cartelli, Deb knew that her company would be able to offer something very special for All Ears™ readers.

Gifts of a Lifetime provides a quality experience that is personally tailored to your wishes and desires. They will create events from Happy Birthday Surprises, I Love You Events, Dream Vacation Scavenger Hunts and much more.

In fact, after reading all the great stories, a Pixie event was the first thing I thought of when I wanted to do something special for a dear friend of mine. Jane and her Pixies were creative and totally had my friend fooled as to what was going on! The event created memories for a lifetime!

Here are some of the special events Disney Fans have experienced!

The Stars are Shining Engagement Event

Wedding Anniversary Event
China Pattern Anniversary Event
15th Anniversary Event

Cat Lovers Birthday Event

Dalmatian Adventure Event for a 10 Year Old Girl

Please visit the Gifts of a Lifetime website by clicking here or call (407) 445-2457!