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Reviewed by alexia9694 Review Date: 03/30/2016

Rating: (10)

Loved !! Loved!! Loved!! This event. We were there on a sold out night and still felt like we had the park to ourselves. Our family rode every ride we wanted to with almost no wait, except haunted mansion. We brought pounds of candy and treats back to our room. Trick or treating lines were long , but moved very fast. WELL worth the cost of admission . We will be going again in 2016, traveling all the way from Chicago just for one night of the party. It was that memorable.




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Reviewed by bellebookworm9 Review Date: 10/04/2015

Rating: (5)
Not Recommended

I really wanted to have a good experience at this party, but I think part of the problem is that there is so little thorough information available about it. Our party was Monday, 9/28, and one of the few that has not sold out. We arrived in the park to do a couple of rides and have dinner at Cafe Orleans. Service there was very slow, so we got out around 6pm, when party was starting. I first got in the single rider line for Splash Mountain (no wait); the only ride I wanted to do. Was off of that by 6:20pm.

Pooh Bear was consistently meeting throughout the evening alone; also in his queue were Rabbit (alone and with Tigger) and Eeyore (alone) at different points. I waited about 20 minutes to meet them, as meeting Rabbit was a high priority.

We stopped at three treat trails in Critter Country/New Orleans Square and got our picture taken with the Haunted Mansion 60th backdrop before continuing to "Pirate Wharf" at the Frontierland dock shortly before 7pm. There was no mention of "Piratepalooza" featuring classic characters in pirate attire, happening near Rancho del Zocalo. When we got in line, Captain Hook & Mr. Smee were meeting; by the time we arrived at the front of the line 30 minutes later, they had switched out with Wendy & Peter Pan.

I then attempted to meet Minnie & Mickey. Their line looked long, but moved slower than it should have, even for the length. I waited 60 minutes, got 2/3 of the way through, and when they took their second cheese break, I gave up. During this time, my mom went and got some candy at Big Thunder Ranch, strolled through Frontierland, and went to get Dole Whips (the only time there was never a line at the Tiki Juice Bar!).

We watched Paint the Night (AMAZING!) from the handicapped viewing area by Town Square, right next to where it exits. Hardly anyone in that area (in contrast to the next evening, where there was no personal space at all). We moved into the street for Halloween Screams, which was also great. Main Street was not at all crowded. I met the Queen of Hearts before the parade as she was strolling around Town Square (as was the Tremaine Family). Did the candy trail through Town Square, where there were four stations, and candy amount was still skimpy.

After parade and fireworks, my mom went to look in some shops, while I sat with the scooter and watched the hordes of people stream out of the park. At 10:15, I attempted to join the line to meet Hades, Jafar, and Governor Ratcliffe (they rotated throughout the evening with Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Cruella de Vil), but the line was already cut. At that point we left, rather than bother with more long character lines. CMs were giving out candy at the exit but still weren't being generous with the amounts.

Unfortunately, I don't think this party was worth the money. I had a much better experience 4 years ago at WDW's MNSSHP. I did like that the park wasn't crowded (but can't make a comparison to a sell out night). We loved the amount of people that were dressed up-that did seem more abundant than at WDW. I wouldn't do the party again and would be hard pressed to recommend it to others.


Not crowded, fireworks displays, rare characters, lots of costumes


Character lines, amount of candy
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