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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 06/19/2024

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Our daughter (11) was supposed to be in the Oceaneer’s Club during out last time on the Wish. She loves the Oceaneer’s Club/Lab! But just before our sailing, the rules were changed to 10 and under, and we were told she now had to go to the Edge. She was crushed, and we were very frustrated - we booked this trip believing she would have a fun and familiar place to be. But we encouraged her to check out the Edge and be open-minded. She hated it, and after going to an Open House, I can’t say I blame her. Nothing to do but play video games - and apparently there were issues with kids hogging the controllers and not even let other’s play. So more likely just watching total strangers play a game. She likes video games, but even she said that that’s not how she wants to spend her vacation. She can do that at home, anytime. What’s the point of a Disney vacation that feels like you’re just in someone’s rec room/finished basement?


There’s some video games if you’re willing to fight for access, probably fine if your kid doesn’t like Disney and is super social


Loud, boring, disorganized, very difficult space for kids who are less social or have sensory issues, surprisingly lacking in fun or Disney anything considering it’s, well, a Disney cruise
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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 04/08/2023

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My kids aged 11 and 13 did not care for the Edge at all on the Fantasy. Their area was very small compared to Oceannears club. They said it was very loud and just not anything they were interested in. They loved the oceannears club during open house. They wished they could have spent more time there.


Something for their age group


Too small, too loud, they said it seemed like an afterthought compared to all of the other spaces
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Reviewed by mamandragon Review Date: 11/01/2017

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Cruised the Fantasy Oct 13 to 16 with our grandchildren. The teenager had a great time in the Vibe area. The 8 year old and 4 year old loved the Oceaneer Club and all the crew members in charge of the area. This is a great spot for kids. Lots of things to keep them busy. They put a gps tracker on the kids so when you go to pick them up they know what area the child is in. This is an awsome place. They get to have fun and the adults get to enjoy some adult time!


Great Place For The Kids!


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Reviewed by deedeewatson Review Date: 11/07/2016

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We have been DVC members since the kids were little, and always loved Disney, but my husband and I really wanted to take a trip with child care so we could spend time working out together everyday without the kids.  We had a child that would be 13 and is on the autism spectrum and we had trouble finding a place that would watch her. We wanted to see if a Disney Cruise would work.  
When I called to book my Disney Cruise, I had a 12, 11 and 5 year old.  They would be 13, 11 and 6 in July when we cruised. My 13 year old has sensory integration disorder and some other issues.  I asked if she would be able to be with her sisters in the Oceaneer Lab/Club since I didn't think she would like the Edge.  I was told she would be able to go to a club for younger kids, but the younger kids could not move up. 
When we went to register the kids and pay the balance my husband was told he could not register the oldest kid, but she would be allowed in the club if there was room. 
Then after we paid over $6000 we got to the ship and we were told she would not be allowed in the club unless it was an open house. When we saw the open house we were told that they were not responsible for watching any of the kids including my 6 year old and it is completely unsupervised at those times. The people booking the reservations and taking our money clearly lied to us.  I complained about this on the ship, but they had me wait 30 minutes to see they could do, and then only confirmed the policy repeatedly. They told me they would file a complaint and I would be called by DCL after I got home, but no one ever called me.   
They told us to take our 13 year old to the edge, but both the 13 year old and 11 year old hated it.  I think it would be very good for kids who just wanted to sit around and play video games, but that is not something my girls are interested in.  Neither would stay. During the cruise we spoke with several other kids, and it seems that the majority of the kids 10+ did not like the Edge. Kids who lived video games loved it. 
This was the worst and most expensive vacation that I ever had, and if I had been told the truth when booking I never would have booked it. The kids liked the aquaduck, but the pool had all kinds of stuff floating in it and was very dirty. There is no playground.  The only place for my 13 year old to exercise is walking loop. She was pretty miserable the hole time, and my kids just kept asking when we could leave.  We felt trapped on the ship.  I was never even able to see the adult only section since I never had supervised child care. 
We spent 2 nights at Old Key West beforehand and everyone had an excellent time. We would have been so much happier there, had so much more room to move around, and more to do. The cruise was a huge waste of money, and I truly believe the booking agent pulled a bait and switch.


If your kid likes vidio games and sitting around with load music


My kids wouldn't stay
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