3 Super Convincing Reasons to Pack a Random Diaper Bag Item for Disney World, Even If You Don’t Have a Baby

If you think we’re constantly talking about essential items you need to be prepared for a trip to Disney World then you’re absolutely correct!


We love being your trusted resource for everything from what to wear to what kinds of bags to carry around the parks, and if you thought we were through, guess again. This time, though, what we’re asking you to pack for your next Disney World trip might make you laugh at us a bit, but let us explain!

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We know the sound of what we’re about to ask you to do might raise an eyebrow or two, but you’ll just have to trust us on this one. We’re willing to bet you’ve probably forgotten to pack one of what we consider the most essential items with you in your Disney World bag. We would know becuase we’re using them CONSTANTLY!

We told you it gets messy!

Wet Wipes can be your best friend while visiting Disney World for so many reasons! Let’s break down a few of the reasons why you’ll find them with us so often while visiting.


Messy Situations can be cleaned up in a breeze!

He got a little melty…

We’ve found ourselves in some pretty messy and sticky situations before due to all the snacks and food we review while at the parks, hotels, and Disney Springs. So when we’re not able to afford a full trip to the closest bathroom to fully wash our hands, our wet wipes are essential to cleaning up.

Sometimes you just need to freshen up!

Sometimes you just need a refresh

Don’t judge us until you’ve been there, but we’re not above using a wet wipe for a quick cool down or to wipe our faces from the dirt and sweat we can build up visiting the parks and hotels all day long. Plus, sometimes it’s just hard to beat the cool sensation of when that wet wipe hits your face on a super hot summer day.

Grab yours HERE

You just never know when you need to clean up and sanitize!


We’ve used these babies to clean off tables and chairs, wipe handrails and doorknobs, and even wipe down our phones for a fresh clean feel. If there’s a chance we can leave a place cleaner than we found it, or reduce our risk of spreading germs, we’re all about it!

Grab yours HERE

We’re not asking you to pack the whole kit and caboodle here, but this is one tiny change you can make to your packing routine that could have a HUGE impact on your next Disney World trip.

Be sure to check back in with us for even more Disney World tips, tricks, and hacks to help you have the best vacation yet!

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Do you usually pack wet wipes with you when you visit Disney World? Tell us what you use them for in the comments below!

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