4 Announcements We’re Expecting From Disney Today

We’re coming up on one of the most important Disney meetings of the year!

Cinderella Castle

Today (April 3rd) is The Walt Disney Company’s annual shareholder meeting, and it usually comes with a slew of news and updates for the company. We’ve got a few things we’re interested in learning more about, so let’s dive into the list of announcements we’re expecting from Disney!

More Details About Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

First up, we’re getting REALLY close to the opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom. This new ride is slated to open in the summer, so the shareholder meeting would be a great opportunity for some big news…like maybe an opening date?!


Disney’s definition of “summer” can be pretty broad, so it’s possible we won’t get the full details yet, but we can certainly hope! We’ve been watching the construction closely and things are moving along quickly in the queue area. We’ve also seen Imagineers testing the ride recently!

Updates on the Planned Park Expansions/Makeovers

Disney has several major park expansions and makeovers planned that we’re still waiting for details about! Things like the redo of Dinoland, USA in Animal Kingdom, the additions coming beyond Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom, and the hopeful Disneyland Forward expansion out in California.

Concept Art for Magic Kingdom

The shareholder meeting would be an ideal time for Disney to share any updates about these projects. It would instill some more confidence in the company, especially since its competitor Universal is opening a new park in Orlando next year.

Timelines for Some Attraction Makeovers

On a slightly smaller scale, several Disney attractions have planned refurbishments in the future, and we don’t yet know as many details as we would like. We’re waiting for information about the redo of Test Track in EPCOT as well as It’s Tough to Be a Bug in Animal Kingdom.

New Show Coming to Animal Kingdom ©Disney

It’s also possible that we could get a reopening date for Country Bear Jamboree in Magic Kingdom, which is currently getting updated with new songs and animatronics.

More News About the Disney Destiny or Other Cruise Line Projects

Finally, we have to mention Disney Cruise Line! There are several projects in the works right now, including the upcoming Disney Treasure and the new island destination, Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point. But recently, Disney also announced a brand-new ship — the Destiny!


We would love to get more details about the Disney Destiny or the previously-announced Disney Adventure ships. So far, Disney hasn’t shared too many details about what we can expect from those boats, so we’re interested to learn more.


Well, we’ll be tuning in to see what Bob Iger and other Disney executives discuss during the upcoming meeting. We can’t wait to hopefully get some big news!

Stay tuned to AllEars for all the updates from the shareholders meeting!

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What do you think Disney will announce during the meeting? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “4 Announcements We’re Expecting From Disney Today”

  1. I suspect that Disney will discuss its business issues with Streaming Services and whether to sell or spin off ABC, ESPN, and others than face declining viewership. I hear those divisions are not doing well right now.