The Internet Is LOSING IT Over This Viral McDonald’s Hack

We might be as obsessed with McDonald’s as we are about Disney World food.


We went a little wild when the Disney100 Happy Meals came out because we wanted to collect ALL the figures. We’re now trying to do the same with the Squishmallows Happy Meals. We even managed to get a RARE figure with one Happy Meal we ordered. But we now have a NEW McDonald’s hack to try involving Chicken McNuggets.

So if you’re on TikTok, you’ll know there are a LOT of food hack videos posted. Now, half of them might not even work, some might fall into the “Everybody’s so creative” category, while others are even more questionable. However, it seems we’ve stumbled upon one that DOES work and it can get you Extra Crispy Chicken McNuggets. 

We do love our Chicken McNuggets

What’s so amazing about this hack is that it’s so easy. So TikTok creator @tommywinkler posted a video where he tried the hack, which basically just involves asking if you can get your McNuggets “extra crispy.” Yes, that’s it — that’s the hack. You just have to ask for it. Now, there was a little hesitation from the McDonald’s employee, but eventually, the answer was “yes.”


Christmas Crunch for the win😳 #thefoodguy #foodiefam #foodhacks #mcdonalds #fyp

♬ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Well, were they extra crispy? We think the proof is that nice loud crunch when he bites into those McNuggets. Of course, we’ll be trying this out for ourselves. We would also like to point out that this might not work at every McDonald’s location, but if you’re curious, it couldn’t hurt to ask, right? Others have tried it and posted videos to TikTok, so it’s certainly possible.

Check back with AllEars again soon for more.

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