5 Things That Closed Forever in Disney World in 2023

Disney’s gotta constantly keep up with the times.

Cinderella Castle

And that means, unfortunately, that some of our favorites, the classics, go the way of the dodo. There have been quite a few additions at the Disney parks in the past few years and we’ve also seen some big losses, so let’s talk about a couple of them that got cut in 2023!

Splash Mountain

Probably the most memorable attraction closure recently is Splash Mountain. This ride was closed at both Magic Kingdom and Disneyland to make way for the new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure log flume ride.

Splash Mountain

If you loved the old ride system, you’re in luck! Tiana’s ride will be very similar in style, but will have a new storyline, new music, and new animatronics. It’s currently under construction in both parks.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser didn’t have a long shelf life. The immersive Star Wars-themed hotel opened in March 2022 and offered guests a 2-night voyage on the Halycon, of which they would only disembark to go on excursions to Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Galactic Starcruiser

So why did it close? Each person cost $2,000 or more, limiting practical lodging and Disney executives stated that it “didn’t perform.” The final voyage took place on September 30th, 2023.


Often controversial for its barges in World Showcase Lagoon, Harmonious at EPCOT ended its run on April 2nd, 2023.


The nighttime spectacular was replaced by the temporary return of EPCOT Forever, which in turn will be replaced by Luminous: The Symphony of Us, on December 5th.

Tokyo Dining in EPCOT

Tokyo Dining in EPCOT’s Japan Pavillion closed earlier this year, in what was expected to be a refurbishment. It ended up being a permanent closure.

Tokyo Dining Seating

In August 2023, EPCOT opened Shiki Sai: Sushi Izakaya in its place. Here, you can still get high-quality Japanese cuisine while learning about Japanese culture and history.

Merida Fairytale Garden Meet and Greet in Magic Kingdom

The Merida meet-and-greet at Fairytale Garden is officially closed. Mirabel from Encanto now has her own meet-and-greet in Magic Kingdom and is meeting guests in a transformed Fairytale Garden instead.

Hi Merida!

The good news is that Merida is now meeting guests at the Liberty Square Enchanted Glade Gazebo. (It’s the gazebo near Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe!)

There you go. Those are 5 things that closed forever in Disney World in 2023. We’ll keep you in the loop with any more changes to the parks, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest.

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Which closure are you the most sad about? Tell us in the comments!

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