5 Mistakes Everyone Will Make When Buying Disney World Tickets 
in 2024

Planning your vacation to Disney World in 2024 is already complicated enough, but we’ve got to get you to slow down for just a minute and hear us out!

Disney World Ticket Cards

We see folks make mistakes BEFORE they even start their vacation all the time in everything from what they pack, to which hotel they’ve chosen to call home, and we’re trying to help you learn from those mistakes early so they’re not repeated.

When it comes to buying tickets to Disney World, keep in mind that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, which means once you’ve made that final click, that’s it! The order you’ve placed is what you’ve got. So we’re warning you about a few things you’ll need to be aware of BEFORE you go through with that full ticket purchase for your upcoming trip.

Expedition Everest

Be Sure To Check The Calendar

One HUGE mistake we’re all prone to making is assuming. Because Disney World is open 365 days of the year, it’s like we somehow lose sight that the hours will vary from season to season and with events. This could be a critical mistake to make, though!

runDisney marathon crowd

Be sure to check the Disney World calendar for the park hours (even though they’re subject to change), and special events like marathons, buyout dates, blackout dates, and parties. We would hate for you to spend so much money on tickets to enjoy a full day’s worth and not have as much time in the parks as you originally thought you were going to have.

EPCOT festival crowds

Remember, big events like marathons and holidays will attract crowds at both the parks and the hotels, while party nights will cut the hours short in certain parks on select nights. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is also a park that typically doesn’t stay open as late as Magic Kingdom, so you’ll want to be aware of that when you are deciding which days to visit each park.

Make Sure You’re Purchasing The Right Ticket!

We love having options, who doesn’t? But sometimes, they can be a little too much. Take park hopping for example.


While there’s a ticket type for practically any kind of Disney vacationer, sometimes purchasing the extras doesn’t benefit you in the long run. If you just can’t see yourself visiting more than one park per day, don’t feel pressured into “having it all” and buying the park hopper tickets. Save that money to enjoy other things you like and fill your time visiting the Disney hotels, Disney Springs, and maybe take in a day at the water park.

Know WHEN You Can Park Hop Now

Ah, yes, this year is coming with LOTS of changes from what we’ve all grown accustomed to after the reopening of Disney World in 2020. Until this point, park hopping couldn’t be enjoyed until 2PM and only if the park you’re hopping to wasn’t at capacity for the day yet. However, that’s changing!

Tower of Terror

If you really want to enjoy all of Disney World and your plans include park hopping, know that as of January 9th, 2024 park goers will once again be allowed to park hop as early (and as often) as they choose throughout the day with no set time restrictions. Currently, the only restriction that will stay for this practice is it will be subject to capacity limitations — and those usually only come into play on the busiest days of the year.

What About The Dining Plan?

This is a VERY common mistake we’ve heard for years — doesn’t a day’s ticket have the option to include the Disney Dining Plan? The short answer here is no.

Who’s excited for the Disney Dining Plan to return?!

Disney World tickets and the Disney Dining Plan are two separate entities, kind of like when you have to purchase Genie+ separately from your ticket at Disney World. This is commonly confused because the popular dining plans (which are returning in 2024) can be combined with a Disney hotel package which typically includes tickets. It’s easy to get this confused, but no, your tickets alone will not have an option to purchase the dining plan.

If You’re Thinking About Upgrading, Do It Early

You’re having so much fun on your Disney World vacation that you don’t want it to end as you wind down your current trip, right? But, if you wait until the last minute (or it just slips your mind until then) you may be too late to upgrade your ticket.

Guest Services at Magic Kingdom

If you’re looking to extend your options to visit Disney World again soon with an annual pass you can “upgrade” your ticket at any guest services window around the parks and Disney Springs, however, you’ll need to know when is the last chance to do so.

Annual Pass

In order to apply the price that you’ve paid for tickets to an annual pass purchase, you’ll need to make sure you have a MINIMUM of one day before your last day’s use (so the day before you scan in for your last day). Otherwise, Disney can’t extend the use if you’ve already scanned in to use your last day’s admission — there’s nothing to extend at that point. If this is something of interest to you, go to guest services as soon as you can to talk over your options with them well in advance, even if you want some time to think it over. If you’ve already scanned in for that last day’s ticket or forgot and wanted to do this AFTER your trip, you’ll have to pay full price for an annual pass.

We hope these tips are helpful as we get closer to 2024 and you’re planning your vacations. Stay tuned with us at AllEars.net for the latest in Disney news, updates, and more!

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