I Was a Disney World Cast Member. Here Are 5 Cringey Things Guests Do.

Not gonna lie, y’all. Being a Cast Member was seriously one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I still sit back a dream about it all of the time. There’s simply nothing more exciting than practically living at Disney World.

Although you can find some scary-realistic name tags online, maybe don’t?

But with that being said, being a Cast Member didn’t come without its challenges. One of these challenges was handling difficult situations. And to be blunt, there were just a few cringey things that some guests would do. Let’s chat about it.

Guests deserve to have a magical time at Disney World. Not only are they shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars but for many this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. A Disney vacation holds a lot of weight, so I totally get that people want it to be perfect. But there are just a few cringey things that some guests do that they just…shouldn’t.

Ruin the Story or Magic

Like I was saying above, for many this is the only time they will be able to come to Disney World. Or they come once every ten or so years. They want to feel the magic and experience things for the first time. So it’s really frustrating when we see the story of magic ruined for them.

Stretch Room at the Haunted Mansion

This happens a lot on fan-favorite rides like the Haunted Mansion when people feel like they need to quote the entire ride spiel out lout (I’ve been guilty of it, not gonna lie). This can also happen when a view is blocked during a show by a phone. Or when you’ve waited hours for the fireworks and someone hops right in front of you as the show is starting.


Another time this happens is when people ask questions like how many Mickeys are there? Or if the characters are real. Moral of the story is just think before you act or react. Cast Members job is to make and preserve the magic so guests have the best experience. It’s just really disheartening when we see one guest ruin the magic for another.

Leave Trash Behind

I shouldn’t even have to say this but it happens all. the. time. Even though Disney World is flooded with trash cans, guests still seem to forget how to pick up after themselves in the parks.

The Buzz Lightyear Garbage Cans!

Please don’t leave your trash behind after eating at a Quick Service spot or after watching Festival of Fantasy.  You don’t want to walk up to a trash filled table when you’re in a rush to eat before your next lightning lane, right? So don’t be the person who leaves that situation for someone else. You want the park to be a clean and beautiful place and so do we, so please please remember to pick up after yourself.

Say Inappropriate Things to Characters and Cast Members

This one just makes my tummy hurt to write. Sometimes I think that guests forget that characters and Cast Members are people too. Please don’t cuss or yell at Cast Members.


Also, don’t tell characters to “Make your wife jealous.” I’m speaking from experience here. Moral of the story is please just think before you speak. We are people and we have feelings too.

Ask for a Magical Moment

Magical moments are meant to be just that, magical. Sometimes a Cast Member may give out a free ice cream cone. Other times a Cast Member may ask a sweet princess for her autograph. These are supposed to be spontaneous moments — that’s what makes them so magical.

Dole Whip

So, not gonna lie, Cast Members cringe a bit when guests ask for these moments. I understand why they do, you wanna get the same magical experience as anyone else. But like I said above, asking just takes the magic out of the magical moment!

Complain to the Wrong Person

Things go wrong in Disney World. People make mistakes. Problems arise. Sadly, Cast Members aren’t perfect. But sometimes guests get upset and complain or get upset at the wrong person.

Guest Relations in Magic Kingdom

Cast Members don’t control prices. They don’t control when a ride is closed for technical issues or a refurbishment. They don’t control when a character has to step away for a few minutes. So when these things happen, please don’t complain or yell at the Cast Member — it more than likely isn’t their fault. If you have a problem, you can always go to Guest Relations and they will do their best to remedy the situation!

We’re sharing these tips so you aren’t the cringey guest in Disney World! For more Cast Member stories, check out our links below. And as always, have a magical day! <3

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