REVIEW: This Go-To EPCOT Snack Let Us Down This Time 😭

If there’s one thing you won’t go without in Disney World, it’s ice cream.

Quincy with Plaza Ice Cream

From Mickey Premium bars in Magic Kingdom to the most unique flavors at Salt & Straw in Disney Springs, there are frozen desserts to try all over the parks! One of our all-time favorite spots to find a decadent cold treat is in EPCOT’s France pavilion — at L’Artisan des Glaces. We stopped by recently to do a full review — come see how it went!


L’Artisan des Glaces serves up 16 different flavors of homemade ice cream daily, as well as some fun twists on French treats.

L’Artisan des Glaces

You’ll find it near Les Halles, the French bakery where it gets some of its ingredients.


When you walk up to L’Artisan des Glaces, you’ll more than likely encounter a line — this spot is popular!

It draws a crowd!

Once you get inside, you’ll notice the list of flavors for the day — 16 in total, typically with a seasonal option. Currently, that is Pumpkin Spice. There are also usually two Macarons, which get filled with homemade ice cream! These are an iconic EPCOT snack — a favorite of many of you, and we were eager to get one!


They’ll usually serve a Chocolate version of this and a seasonal offering, like the Pumpkin one they had during our visit.


Here, you’ll order at the counter and then take your receipt to the pick-up location so that they can get started on your order.

Pick-up Counter

Behind the counter, you’ll find napkins and spoons, but if you think you might want a knife to share one of the creations — make sure to pick one up over at Les Halles beforehand!

Napkins and spoons

If you’re looking for tables and chairs, you’ll find some inside Les Halles, but it can get very busy in there. Additionally, there are a few closer to water, overlooking the Skyliner. Or, you can grab a seat by the fountains.

France fountains

Let’s dig in!

Food and Drinks

We started off with a basic — a single scoop of Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone for $5.75. This was probably our favorite thing we ordered — a simple ice cream cone! The ice cream was rich and creamy and it tasted like real, fresh pumpkin.

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

The spiced notes were there, but they took a nice supporting role to the pumpkin flavors. This tasted like a pumpkin pie in ice cream form. This might not be around for long since the holiday season is fast approacing in Disney World, so HURRY over to grab this before it’s gone!

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

Next up, we tried the Croque Glacé for $9.50, which comes with a scoop of your choice of ice cream and either Caramel, Chocolate, or Raspberry sauce. This is one that’s been a favorite of ours for a long time. It’s such a unique find — cold, delicious ice cream pressed inside a warm, freshly baked brioche bun.

So fun!

Add the customization of your choice of ice cream and sauce, and you’ve got the perfect sweet treat. We ordered ours with caramel sauce and Caramel Fleur de Sel Ice Cream, and it was delicious.

Croque Glacé

The ice cream was rich and decadent and the brioche was soft and a bit flakey. We do think that this might have been better with chocolate sauce instead because it was quite sweet with all of the caramel, but overall it was a hit as usual.

Have you tried this?

We couldn’t skip on the Macaron! We ordered the Chocolate version for $7, which was filled with chocolate ice cream. This treat has been around at L’Artisan for a long time, so we were looking forward to it!

Chocolate Macaron

BUT, 😭. While we have loved these in the past, this one didn’t blow us away. We’re not sure if it was stale or just a little hard from sitting next to ice cream all day, but the texture was not what we were hoping for.

Not the best Macaron we’ve had here

Usually, macarons have a fun spongy, soft inside with a thin, crispy exterior. Unfortunately, this didn’t have much of that chewy texture we love. It was a bit tough and hard to bite into, and the rich chocolate ice cream couldn’t save it for us, no matter how creamy it was on its own.


For drinks, we ordered the Café Glacé and the Ice Cream Martini. The Café Glacé — an Iced Cappuccino with 1 scoop of ice cream and whipped cream –was $8.50, and we got it with Caramel Sauce on top.

Café Glacé

If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up and love sweet, creamy coffee — this one is for you! The coffee flavor was smooth and paired really well with the caramel sauce. We chose to go with Vanilla Ice Cream to keep it classic, and weren’t dissappointed.

Coffee time!

On top of the ice cream is a generous portion of whipped cream, which we thought was really well done — particularly thick and creamy while still feeling a bit delicate somehow.  Overall, this would be a bit sweet and milky for those who drink black coffee, but we thought it was tasty.

The whipped cream was SO good

Lastly, the Ice Cream Martini comes with 2 scoops of ice cream; a shot of either Grand Marnier, Whipped Cream Vodka, or Rum; and either Caramel, Raspberry, or Chocolate Sauce on top. We ordered this with White Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream, Whipped Vodka, and Caramel for $14.95.

Ice Cream Martini

This is another EPCOT staple in our books. Handmade ice cream with alcohol on top? You can’t go wrong. We loved the Coconut Ice Cream mixed with the caramel sauce, and highly recommend this flavor on its own, if you’re just looking for a snack.

Ready for a drink?

While we loved this as a whole, keep in mind that it packs a punch. The liquor on top is a standard pour, but because it’s straight vodka sitting on top, it tastes super strong. Even after it starting melting together, the liquor flavor was very prominent.

This one is STRONG!

If you’re looking for an adult drink for dessert, make sure to check this one out!

Should You Go?

Overall, this is a great spot to stop for some ice cream. While not everything we had lived up to its usual standard this go-around, you can’t go wrong with the ice cream. It’s rich, decadent, and a perfect treat on a hot day.

Who wants ice cream?

The prices are pretty standard for Disney World — pricier than what you might get at home but overall not the worst we’ve seen across the parks. $5.75 for some delicious ice cream isn’t bad for Disney standards, but if you want to upgrade to something fancier it will cost you. For example, the Ice Cream Martini was $14.95, but it did pack a punch.

L'Artisan des Glaces Restaurant

Rating: 9.50 / 10 Recommended By: 100%
Menus: Snacks
Services: Take Out or Walk-up Window

Our readers love this spot, too! Currently, it has a 10/10 rating, with one reader stating that this is a perfect spot for a fireworks treat.


If you’re looking for some ice cream while you’re in EPCOT, this place is worth a visit. As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news.

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What is your favorite spot to get ice cream in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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