Only 36% of Disney Adults Said “Yes” to This Surprising Question

Pretty much all Disney adults love Disney princesses, right?

Princess Aurora

So you might think that Disney adults had childhoods where they looked up to Disney princesses. There has been much discussion about the kinds of role models Disney princesses have been for children, but a recent survey suggests that the amount of influence that princesses have on kids could be overstated.

A survey was conducted by that asked some relevant questions about Disney princesses. One of the most interesting questions, though, was: “Did you look up to Disney princesses or princes as role models when you were a child?” The answers were surprising because only 36% of those surveyed said “Yes.” 50% of those surveyed said “No,” while 14% answered, “Not sure.”


Some other survey results were also pretty interesting. One question asked, “Do you think the Disney princesses are currently good role models for children?” Of those who were surveyed, 55% said “Yes,” only 16% said “No,” and 29% said “Not sure.”

Snow White

Let’s also take a look at the answers to a question about wanting to be a prince or princess as a child. When asked about it, only 33% of those surveyed said they did, while a whopping 58% said they did not. Apparently, even children know that it’s not easy to get into the royal bloodline!

One of the more controversial questions asked, though, might have been, “Do you think it is a good or bad thing when young girls want to be princesses?” Only 6% said it was a bad thing, while 38% said it was a good thing. The majority, though, 50%, said that it was neither good nor bad.


The survey does suggest that Disney princesses don’t exert as much influence on children as some might think, and this does answer some commonly discussed questions. Disney princesses, of course, have evolved since Snow White first arrived in theaters in 1937, and will continue to evolve as times change.

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We’ll keep an eye out for more Disney news, so be sure to check back with AllEars for more!

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