When We’ll Learn More About the Southwest Holiday Flight Fiasco

It’ll be hard to forget the Southwest Holiday Airlines meltdown of 2022.


It took a week for the issues to resolve, and even after they did, their stock value dropped and the company was even sued. Now they’ll have to face the United States Senate to answer why the meltdown happened in the first place and their reaction to it.

According to CNBC, Southwest Airlines’ chief operating officer Andrew Watterson will face a Senate panel this Thursday to answer questions about the meltdown. Apparently, the hearing overlapped with a “previous commitment” for CEO Bob Jordan.

Southwest Airlines

Watterson plans to use the hearing to explain how the company has worked to make things right with their customers and how they’re planning to mitigate the risk of any similar meltdown happening again.

Southwest Plane

The airline canceled more than 16,700 flights between December 21st and 31st, as their system was unable to keep up with the flight changes following the severe winter weather. The Senate will also hear testimony from multiple other high-up Southwest employees and flight/travel experts.


It’s also possible that Southwest’s troubles aren’t over, as a pilot’s strike could be on the way. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the Senate hearing and any other Southwest news, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars.

See what Southwest had to say about making sure a similar meltdown never happens again.

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