Disney Executives Bob Chapek and Bob Iger’s 2021 Salaries Revealed

Each year, the Walt Disney Company completes a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In these filings, several important pieces of financial information are disclosed, including earnings for top executives.

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The regulatory filing for Fiscal Year 2021 has been completed, and The Hollywood Reporter has shared the exact earnings for Disney CEO Bob Chapek and former executive chairman Bob Iger.

For Fiscal Year 2021, Bob Chapek and Bob Iger’s compensation packages totaled $32.46 million and $45.9 million respectively. Note that compensation packages include not only a base salary but possible bonuses, reward options, and stock options as well. This is a significant increase from their compensation packages from 2020, which were slashed due to a reduction in executive salaries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Fiscal Year 2020, Chapek and Iger earned $14.1 million and $21 million respectively.


Bob Iger stepped down as executive chairman at the end of 2021, so his compensation package from Fiscal Year 2021 (which ended October 2nd) does not include earnings from the final three months of 2021. Iger earned an end-of-contract stock grant on December 31st, “which was worth nine figures” and is not included in the $45.9 million package above.

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In the filing, the board of the Walt Disney Company noted that Chapek “delivered strong performance given the unprecedented challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and meaningful shareholder value, driven by exceptional execution of the Company’s key strategic initiatives.”

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On Iger, the board wrote that he “successfully directed the Company’s creative endeavors, which are the cornerstone of the Company’s strategy and fuel the continued growth and expansion of Disney+ and the Company’s other DTC platforms. This effort took on greater complexity with production delays impacting content creation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a challenge Mr. Iger deftly managed.”

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We’ll continue to keep an eye on updates from the Walt Disney Company as CEO Bob Chapek and CFO Christine McCarthy prepare to deliver the Q1 Earnings Call on February 9th. Be sure to follow along for more of the latest news from across the company!

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