How to Get Butterbeer for LESS in Universal Orlando!

Hot, cold, or frozen? We’ll take Butterbeer in any capacity when we’re in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Hot Butterbeer

And, Butterbeer fans are going to want to listen up because we’ve got a sweet surprise for your next visit to the parks!

If you’re heading to Universal Orlando in the morning, the cold drinks at breakfast are 12 oz, while the hot drinks are 16 oz. Usually, the Butterbeer sold at the carts in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter are 16 oz when you buy them separately from the restaurants.


But, they’re actually 12 oz in the morning at breakfast locations for less! And, this is a perfect deal for the people who want something a little less sweet to start the day since there isn’t as much Butterbeer to sip on at once. The only major setback you’re losing out on is the ability to take that photo in front of the Hogwarts Castle.

Iced vs. Frozen Butterbeer

Still, we’ll sacrifice our Instagram snaps for the chance to have Butterbeer any time of the day! Stay tuned with All Ears for all the Universal news that you need to know!

Here’s how to navigate crowds in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

How many kinds of Butterbeer have you tried? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 Replies to “How to Get Butterbeer for LESS in Universal Orlando!”

  1. My favorite of all the butterbeers I’ve tried was the butterbeer float. We got a cold butterbeer from Fountain of Fair Fortune and butterbeer ice cream from Floreans and combined them. It was amazing. Saw this first on a Tim Tracker YouTube video.

  2. When we visited (well before COVID) I made it my mission to try all 7 versions
    of butterbeer! I remember hot and cold drinks, ice cream and fudge. The other butterbeer flavored treats weren’t memorable – I’d have to look up what they were. The hot butterbeer was the most delicious thing ever! On a drinks note – the fire whiskey was awful, don’t waste your money. Tasted like off brand red hots melted in off brand whiskey.

  3. I am just curious what exactly does butterbeer taste like? I want to try it but it doesn’t sound to good. Should I? Does it taste good is my real question?

    1. It’s literally the best thing on the planet. Hot is best. The others taste like a butterscotch cream soda. (no root beery taste because that’s nasty lol) The hot is like a white chocolate butterscotch hot chocolate.