NEWS: PeopleMover’s Temporary Closure Just Got Extended in Disney World!

UPDATE: PeopleMover’s refurbishment has now been listed as lasting through November 28th on the Disney World website. We will continue to keep you updated with any further changes.

While the parks of Disney World have been reopened since July, not everything has reopened just yet.

Cinderella Castle

One of the most beloved rides at Magic Kingdom, PeopleMover, didn’t reopen with the park in July, and in August was listed as being under refurbishment through the end of October. Now, it looks like the ride’s closure has been extended.

According to the Disney World calendar, PeopleMover will be closed through November 21st for refurbishment.

PeopleMover Closed Through November 21st

Currently, when you visit PeopleMover you will be met with a sign saying that the ride is down for a temporary closure.


We’ll keep you updated on any further extensions for the ride’s closure, along with any potential developments!

Is PeopleMover a must-do for you in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 Replies to “NEWS: PeopleMover’s Temporary Closure Just Got Extended in Disney World!”

  1. When you need a break, the people mover is just the ticket, soft seats, quiet, smooth ride, nice breeze and out of direct sunlight.

  2. On our last trip, the people mover stopped right above the speedway and we had the best time watching the kids below trying to drive. We always love the people mover, but that made it so much more fun!

  3. Please don’t take the People Mover away! On our most recent trip, we rode it during the fireworks and were at the perfect part of the ride when Tinkerbelle flew. It was the COOLEST! Our “children” were 19 and 20, and thought it was just as magical!

  4. We found the People Mover almost by accident. Looking at attractions while strolling through Tomorrowland, we went up the escalator in curiosity and were surprised by a relaxing ride that held wonderful views. Have never missed it since.
    As stated, a first rate “gentle ride.” While no longer well and will never visit WDW (or Florida)again, this will remain a “gentle memory.”

  5. I, for one, certainly hope this is not one of the “Temporary Closures” that becomes permanent. This is one of the most enjoyable rides in all of Disney World. Your opportunity to take a break and look at the Magic Kingdom (well, at least part of it) from above. This , like the Carousel of Progress nearby, are two rides that allow you to look back on what were once breakthroughs in technology. Much like the family sitting and watching the moon landing on TV on the Spaceship Earth ride. One of the things that really annoys me about Disney is their insistence on having almost all new rides fit the “If you suffer from…..maybe you should not ride” disclaimer criteria. I don’t begrudge you your thrill rides. Please don’t take away my few gentle rides.