FuelRod Update! Disney Adopts New “Founder Status” Policy for Certain Users

FuelRod is a portable charger company that allows you to swap out your dead charger for a fully charged rod via kiosks placed around Disney theme parks. There have been a lot of changes surrounding Disney and FuelRod in the last year!


Prior to November 1st, 2019, any FuelRod customer could swap out their charger for free. Disney then implemented a $3 fee every time a user wanted to make a swap. This ignited a Class Action Law Suit that stated Disney was issuing false advertisement. Disney quickly rescinded the fee, but only temporarily. Now, they have decided on a new policy that includes early FuelRod customers.

The new Founder Status will allow early customers to forgo the $3 charge. The policy includes users who purchased a FuelRod prior to October 26th, 2019. Any customer who bought the charger after October 26th will still be required to pay the fee. So, how are they keeping track of customers with Founder Status?

FuelRod Kiosk

Those who are qualified for Founders Status will answer an online questionnaire found here. Then, you will download the FuelRod mobile app and create an account. You must use the same email address you used when filling out the questionnaire. Once you’re ready to swap out your charger, head to a kiosk, and open the app. You’ll receive a QR code which you will scan at the kiosk. This will allow you to receive a free charger.

FuelRod Kiosk Screen

We will keep you updated if we hear are any new details that come up!

Are you a FuelRod user? Let us know what you think of the new policy!

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One Reply to “FuelRod Update! Disney Adopts New “Founder Status” Policy for Certain Users”

  1. I bought a fuel rod in an airport for $20 and thought it was great but cannot find an exchange station in the airport now. Can you help me?