Ten Types of Walt Disney World Guests: Which Kind are You?

The excitement of a Disney Parks vacation brings up a lot of emotions. Whether you travel with a large group or you hit the parks solo, there seem to be several categories of ‘guest’ that people fall into.

Train Station PhotoPass Photographer

We identified TEN types of Disney guests. See if you can spot which type of guest fits you best!

The Planner

The Planners are most likely to have a spreadsheet filled with park hours, dining reservations, and FastPass+ selections. The Planners typically organize the vacation. They are also most likely to be approached by friends and family seeking advice on what to plan for their Disney vacations.

You have mastered My Disney Experience.

The Spontaneous One

The complete opposite of The Planner, Spontaneous Ones are most likely to ‘wing it’ when it comes to Disney vacations.  Spontaneous Ones may or may not have a park maps handy, but it would not make much of a difference as they prefer to go where the wind takes them! The idea of planning every minute doesn’t sound like as much fun to these free spirits.

The Foodie

Epcot festivals are the highlight of their year. They spend the most time planning dining reservations and do extensive research on menus before making their selections. Foodies keep an eye out for any new limited-time snacks to arrive in the parks, too.

2019 Epcot Food & Wine Festival

The Collector

As the name implies, they collect everything: pins, Funko Pops, character autographs, ornaments, limited edition merchandise…you get the idea. They also probably collected Vinylmations back in the day. Collectors will proudly wake up at 4:00AM to be first in line when a new limited edition item is released.

Nutcracker Tiki Mug at Trader Sam’s in Disneyland ©Disney

The Thrill Seeker

It’s all about speed and drops for Thrill Seekers! These adventurous guests have completed the Mountain Challenge numerous times. At Hollywood Studios they are most likely to be found hopping between Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster all day.

The DisNerd

These guests are the ULTIMATE die-hard fan of all things Disney! Visiting the parks is easily the highlight of their year. DisNerds are most likely let their love for Disney show even when they aren’t in the parks. They’ve probably been to the D23 Expo, and they also may host regular Disney movie nights at their home. Wear that badge with honor, DisNerds. We salute you.

D23 Expo 2017

The Historian

Similar to The DisNerd but Historians excel in the, well, historical aspects of Disney. They have read all of the books about Walt Disney, and other guests marvel at Historians’ deep knowledge of the parks and the Walt Disney Company. They know all the names on the ‘Windows of Main Street’ and each one of their contributions to the parks.

Main Street in 1973

The Fashionista

Fashionista’s outfits are perfectly coordinated to the park they’re visiting. Their shirt matches their backpack, which matches their mouse ears, which matches their nail color. Fashionistas are also most likely to be found next to an Instagram wall; whether it’s the Purple Wall in Magic Kingdom or the Bubblegum wall outside Spaceship Earth, these guests know how to pose for the perfect #OOTD. They are also well-versed in the different Etsy shops that feature unique Disney-themed clothing and accessories.

Dapper Day

The Unofficial Resident

Why, yes, they ARE visiting again. Cast Members probably recognize these guests, and they recognize the Cast Members, too! They take ‘Annual Passholder’ to a whole new level.

Passholder Entrance at Hollywood Studios

The Kid at Heart

Disney vacations are the highlight of this guest’s year, no matter how many times they’ve visited the Disney Parks. Whether it’s their first time or their hundredth, the sight of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty Castle brings a tear to their eye and fills their heart with warmth. Simply put, The Kid at Heart knows how special of a place Disney can be, and they really let their fun side run free every time they visit.

Mickey Balloons Magic Shot ©Disney Photopass Facebook

Which type of Disney guest are you? Are you more than one type? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Replies to “Ten Types of Walt Disney World Guests: Which Kind are You?”

  1. There is no way to pick just one!
    I’m an avid planner, a DisNerd, a Historian, a Thrill Seeker, a Collector and a bit of a Foodie as well.

  2. I am a planner before my trip starts and a kid at heart once it does. There are many sights and events that will bring tears and many memories. That doesn’t mean I won’t have my spreadsheet and day by day plans though. There’s a lot to see and do in a limited amount of time.