Check Out All The New Merch at Disney’s Riviera Resort!

Disney’s Riviera Resort is finally open, and you know what that means!


Yes, as is the eternal cycle at the Disney Parks and Resorts, a new property means a new line of merchandise for us to try cramming into our carry-on for the flight home. Let’s take a look.

The new items are available at “La Boutique”! Which is French for… uh… “the boutique!”

…I never said I was a linguist. Anyway, these new gifts all carry that touch of European flair, along with the signature resort logo.

You know, for a company whose mascot rarely wears a shirt, Disney sure makes a lot of them.

Starting in the apparel department, Disney has released this line of classy Riviera Resort Pullovers and T-Shirts. 

Also in Blue!
And with Pockets!
And ART!

They don’t come cheap, though. The pullovers will cost you a cool $115 each. The shirts are considerably cheaper ranging from $30 to $60 each.

If you’re looking for something a bit more business casual, there’s this new Riviera Resort Polo.


Or you could try this Sun Dress with a Resort Logo inspired print. Not to mention plenty of Hidden Mickeys! It’ll cost you $74.99

Sun Dress to Impress.

There’s also a lovely red dress with a black lace frill. 

Bring out your inner artist by wearing some outer artists.

There’s also a shirt featuring our favorite couple overlooking the resort!

[Lady and the Tramp Music Intensifies]
In fact, there are tons of shirts.

These hats, ranging from $24-$34, will help you add the finishing touches to your new outfit.

This’ll make all the other dads on the golf course jealous.
The one on the bottom folds up for convenient storage, but will do nothing to hide your Friar Tuck haircut.
There’s also this adorable Minnie hat. Loving the Minnie designs here.

You could tie everything together with some Pandora bracelet charms.

Available in Mickey…
…and Minnie

Or an obligatory pair of Minnie Mouse Ears.

I don’t know what color trend this is, but I like it.

Or you could take a resort day in this official Riviera Resort Bathrobe! Only $150!

So maybe don’t steal the one in your room.

While you’re lounging, enjoy a drink from one of these resort Mugs or Sippers. 

The “R” in Riviera stands for “Rluxury”.
Is this scene getting steamy, or is it just the tea I poured in here?

The mugs will cost you about $20, while the sipper will be a cool (or warm, depending on what you put in it), $25. You can also get this wine glass for $15, if you’re too classy to drink wine out of a mug.

I filled mine with Diet Mr. Pibb at the Freestyle Machine because I am a man of refined taste.

Just be sure to rest your drink on one of these $8 Coasters, so you don’t stain the tables!

I would tile my kitchen with the one on the top left if I could.

You can also waste the day away with some board games and puzzles. 

Monopoly tears apart more families than the Baby Yoda icon on Disney+.

Or pretend you’re part of the Lost Generation and write avant-garde poetry by the pool in this notebook.

Available in Red, Blue, and ITALIAN RAINBOW!

Or you can use these coloring books because poetry is hard.

Syllable and rhyme / make poetry quite tricky / It’s Snowing on Mt. Fuji.

You can keep track of your memories in these picture frames and photo albums…

One photo…
Two photos…
Four Photos…
Your entire Memory Maker printout…

Or commission a print at the Art-on-Demand Kiosk! 

These paintings are featured all over the resort.
You can pick your medium and framing options as well!

When you’re done shopping and have bought just too much stuff, you can even store it in this Riviera Resort Luggage!

Orlando’s main exports are luggage and things to put inside luggage.
Rear view! This’ll be hard to miss at the baggage claim.
The luggage tag is an optional add on.
Loungefly, of course, is in on the action.
This tote is perfect for a park or pool day.
You can store your makeup, money, or Disney Dollars in here!

Finally, because it just wouldn’t be a Disney giftshop without them, we’ve got exclusive new pins.

The holiday pin is reversible!
I still don’t know what this means and at this point I’m afraid to ask.
This is the most blingtastic pin of the bunch.

A charming holiday ornament

I like it, but the design loses something in 3D. Might just be me.

And of course… plushies!

That Donald Plushie is literally the only piece of merch I care about in this whole article and I want it YESTERDAY.
Also available in keychain form… except for Donald. Come on Disney, gimme more ducks! MORE DUCKS!

You can find all of the new merch at La Boutique today! Just take the Skyliner or hop a bus from Disney Springs! Do you have a favorite piece? Let us know in the comments! Ciao!

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Austin Lang is an Orlando local with a love of Disney, puns, and Disney puns. He's been a contributing writer for AllEars since 2019, and has been sharing his quirky view of Disney life ever since.

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One Reply to “Check Out All The New Merch at Disney’s Riviera Resort!”

  1. Very cute. I wish merch at Disney were affordable to the average park visitor and not just the select few who bring money to burn. I don’t think they need to give it away, but if a shirt were $20 instead of $30…I’d buy 2 different ones. It would prompt me to spend more. As it stands, $30 for a t-shirt sounds outrageous so I buy none. For every person that has the money to buy something, there are probably 10 of us who skip it because we have to stand there and reason with ourselves over the cost and decide we can live without it. You’d think Disney would want more stuff flying off the shelves. I just don’t get it.