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I have to admit, when I posted pictures of my Pinocchio guest bathroom last month in one of my blogs, I was bragging a little bit. What can I say? I have an ego that needs stroking occasionally. LOL However, I really did believe that some of you would be interested in seeing that “Disney” can be a legitimate decorating theme just like colonial or contemporary. And I was amazed at the feedback I received.

Many of you asked if I had other rooms decorated in Disney. The answer is yes. In fact, every room in my house is decorated in this style – tastefully of course. But only two rooms have dedicated themes. You’ve already seen one of my “themed” rooms with my Pinocchio guest bath. Today I’m going to share with you my other themed room, my Mickey Mouse guest bedroom.

When I moved to Orlando, I knew I would have friends and family who would want to come and visit and use my house as their base of operation – and save on hotel bills. That was cool with me. So when looking for a house to buy, I knew I needed a dedicated guest bedroom – preferably with its own, private bathroom. As luck would have it, I found such a home.

I also knew that I wanted my guest bedroom to be special – something that would help set the tone for my guest’s adventures to come. (Mind you folks, I did this twelve years ago, long before Disney started decorating their hotel rooms with dedicated themes.) I also knew that the vast majority of the people using my guest bedroom would be adults. So I wanted to make sure I didn’t create a child’s room. This blog is going to show you how I created a Mickey Mouse guest suite, suitable for all ages.

First you need to know, most of the items in this room were collected over time – and many of them are no longer for sale or available. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own themed room. You will simply have a different set of decorating items.

Before I get to the Mickey Mouse Suite, let me start with my overall home. When I moved to Orlando, I knew my house needed a grand name. All great homes have a grand name. There is the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina. There is the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island. So my home would be known as Laffite’s Landing. Laffite’s Landing is the name of the loading dock for Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland so my house’s moniker does have a Disney connection.

Laffite's Landing Plaque

On the door to the Mickey Mouse Suite is a picture frame and door knocker. Whenever a guest will be staying in this room, I create a special sign for them and place it in the frame welcoming them to Laffite’s Landing. I also include their picture. So if Deb Wills were to be my guest, her welcome sign would look something like this.

Bedroom Door

Deb Wills Welcome Sign

Below this welcome sign is a Mickey Mouse door knocker. Although difficult to make out in the picture, he’s wearing a top hat and tails.

MM Door Knocker

On the back of the bedroom door is a diagram of the house with escape routes marked in red. I take the safety of my guests very seriously. I also had a lot of time on my hands before I started writing for AllEars. LOL

Escape Map

One of the first things I needed to do when designing the Mickey Mouse Suite was to come up with a color scheme. Of course, the obvious choices are red, black, white, and yellow. So that’s exactly what I picked. However, you need to be careful when decorating with red and black. These are strong colors that can overpower a small room. To that end, I decided to paint one accent wall in red with the other three walls in white. This worked quite nicely.

MM Bedroom

For the carpet, I took a gamble and selected black. I really debated before choosing this color. The wrong paint color is easily and cheaply remedied, but the wrong carpet color is costly to correct. Happily, the black carpet was the perfect choice. One thing to remember, dark colors show every piece of lint and dust. But because this room only receives light traffic, it’s okay.

Black Carpet & Throw Rug

When it came to choosing a bedspread, I decided to stay away from those featuring Mickey Mouse prints. Although there were several I liked, I felt it could make my room too busy. Instead, I stuck with solid colors. The dust ruffle is white and the spread is red. The pillow duvet is black, and the bed curtains are white and black with yellow accents and ties. I made these curtains myself using inexpensive sheets. I topped the bed with four Mickey pillows that resemble his shoe, pants, ears, and glove. In addition, I added Mickey and Minnie plushes.

Bedspread and Plushes

Bedspread and Plushes

Over the plush Mickey’s eyes is a Mickey sleep mask for those who need a little extra darkness.

Sleep Mask

Above the headboard are two reading lights and Mickey’s gloves. High above the bed is a “DREAM” sign I found. I painted it yellow and it fits perfectly.

MM Gloves and Sleep Sign

I had a roll of Mickey Mouse wallpaper boarder that someone had given me, but not enough to circle the entire room. So I used what I had on the red accent wall only. To complete the circle around the rest of the room, I painted a red stripe and capped it with yellow molding.

Ceiling Molding

Ceiling Molding

Ceiling Molding

Because I didn’t want to go overboard with Mickey colors (too late) and give the room a juvenile feel, I decided the furniture should have a more natural look. I settled on a light wood tone. I picked a similar color for the ceiling fan.

Night Stand

Chest of Drawers

Ceiling Fan

On the night stands are Mickey lamps that were once sold at a shop called “Disney Home Store” located at Downtown Disney. This store sold all sorts of Disney related items for the home like linens, bedding, furniture, hardware, kitchen items and more. Unfortunately, in an effort to save money, Disney greatly decreased their high end line of merchandise and this shopped was closed. Sigh.

Of course, no Mickey Mouse room would be complete without a Mickey telephone. In the Mickey shaped dish, I place red, black, yellow, and white M&M’s when guests are expected.

Nightstand, Lamp, and Telephone

For three dollars I was able to purchase an old coat rack that was once used at Port Orleans. On each end are cutouts of Mickey’s silhouette. I sprayed the shelf with a texture coating then painted it yellow. I hung a Mickey Mouse jacket on one peg to make it look functional. On top are a bobble-head Mickey and an inexpensive reproduction of an antique Mickey & Minnie toy.

Coat Rack

Coat Rack

I realize that flat screen TVs are now the norm, but I wouldn’t give up my old tube Mickey Mouse TV and DVD player for anything. I also made a Mickey Mouse accented shelf to hold a selection of Disney movies for my guests.

MM TV and DVD Player

Video Shelf

Two of my prized possessions in this room are quilts that friends/guests made for me as thank you gifts after staying in the Mickey Mouse Suite. One I have hung on the wall as it features all Mickey characters and the color scheme is correct. To help theme the bar from which it is hung, I added Styrofoam Mickey silhouettes to each end.

MM Quilt

MM Quilt Pole

The other quilt was much larger and features dozens of different Disney characters. This quilt is draped over a Mickey Mouse quilt rack.

Disney Character Quilt

MM Quilt Rack

Since this is a guest room, I felt my lodgers would like a mirror in the bedroom. Here I took an inexpensive mirror I purchased at a home improvement store, framed it with molding, and painted it accent yellow. I also installed a small shelf so my guests would have a place for keys, coins, and other small items.

Shelf and Mirror

Shelf and Mirror

On this shelf sits Mickey Mouse holding a picture frame. However, I didn’t know whose picture to put in the frame. A photo of me would be a bit too narcissistic. Since I’ve already used my guest’s picture on the bedroom door, I had to come up with another idea. So I took a picture of the Mickey, holding the picture frame. Then, using the magic of computer graphics, I duplicated the picture again and again, giving Mickey infinity into nothingness.

Infinity Mickey

Some time ago, Disney sold Mickey Mouse letter-writing kits. Since all fine hotels feature postcards, stationary, and envelopes, I purchased a number of these kits for my guests. However, to my knowledge, no one has ever used one sheet of paper – and I even include stamps!

MM Letter Writing Kit

I’ve also carried out the Mickey Mouse theme in the closet. Here I have coat hangers that sport this famous guy’s face. I also provide Mickey Mouse robes for my guests.

MM Coat Hangers

MM Robes

Here are a few other pictures of the bedroom.

MM Chest

MM Balloon

MM Plant Rack

MM Room

MM Room

Knowing I was going to theme my guest bedroom and bathroom after Mickey, I chose the colors in the bath before the house was built. For the floor I picked white tile with red veins of color. The grout is red. For the vanity I selected white with a red laminate top and a black accent stripe. I also found some Mickey Mouse knobs that fit perfectly on the cabinets and drawers.

MM Bathroom Sink

MM Bathroom Sink

MM Knobs

I found a great Mickey Mouse mirror at the Disney Home Store. At first I thought that I would remove the large mirror and only use the smaller Mickey Mouse mirror in this room. But this is a small space and the large mirror helps it from becoming claustrophobic. So in the end, I glued the Mickey Mouse mirror over the existing mirror.

MM Mirror

On the sink I have a Mickey Mouse “basket.” In it I keep all sorts of toiletries in case my guests have forgotten toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, and the like. I also have a Mickey Mouse soap dish with Mickey Mouse soap. A number of years ago, Disney sold Mickey branded toiletries and I stocked up on them knowing I would need them in the future.


MM Soap Dish

The shower curtain and towels also sport our friend. The shower curtain is hung with Mickey hooks.

Toilet and Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Hooks

In the tub I have non-slip Mickeys.

Non-slip Mickies

I installed a magazine rack across from the toilet. I always keep a Disney magazine and the current park maps and times guides for my guests to glance through while taking care of business.

Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack

Just like I do with my Disney hotel rooms, I’ve created a video of my Mickey Mouse Suite (tongue in cheek). It runs a little under three minutes. Enjoy.

So there you have it, my Mickey Mouse Suite. Is it a little over the top? Of course it is. But I’m not decorating for Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder on HGTV’s “Design Star.” I’m decorating for myself, friends, and family. I don’t really care if other people like it or not. I like it and that’s all that matters.

Collectively I spent a few bucks on this bedroom and bath. But individually, nothing in these rooms was very expensive. In fact, most of the items were necessary regardless what decorating style I went with. You need paint, bedding, towels, and knickknacks in any bedroom and bath. I just selected a rather unorthodox theme (by most people’s standards). So if you have an idea, go for it. You’ve got very little to lose and everything to gain.

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71 Replies to “Mickey Mouse Suite at Laffite’s Landing”

  1. Where can we find the body part plush pillows?

    Jack’s Answer:

    Sorry, but I purchased these pillows almost 14 years ago. They are no longer sold at Disney World.


  3. Where can I find a mirror like that?

    Jack’s Answer:

    I bought my mirror at Disney World. However, it hasn’t been sold here in years. I have no idea if it is available someplace else.

  4. Wow!!! Jack, you are a great writer AND a great decorator! Your house guests are so lucky to stay in a room like this. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, especially for the tips on how your created some of the items.

  5. I absolutely LOVE this! Great job! By the way, you are absolutely right-if you love it then it will not matter what anyone thinks about it. To me, it seems like you took your love/passion…and introduced it to your every day life. If only we ALL could do that with what we love! Way to go-good job!!!!!!!

  6. Jack,

    I loved your guest bedroom! My heart melted when I saw all of it. One question I had those is, where did you get the Mickey Shoes rug at? I’m trying to decorate my son’s bathroom in all Mickey and would love this.


    Jack’s Answer:

    Like so many of the items in this room, they were purchased at the Disney Home Store. Unfortunately, this store and most of the items once sold there, are no longer available.

  7. Hi, I am in absolute love with this room; so much that I want to replicate something similar for my daughter. Where do I find those pillows? Would I go to Disney World to find them? I love in the Tampa Bay area so that would be no problem for me! Please advise.

    Thank you and once again, you did an amazing job! You are very talented.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Like so many of the items in this room, they were purchased at the Disney Home Store. Unfortunately, this store and most of the items once sold there, are no longer available.

  8. Love it! Love it! Love it! Now I know what to do with my Disney decorations that I collected when I was a Cast Member for Disney for 5 years! Thanks Jack!

  9. Jack! You are outta your mind! (And I mean that in a GOOD way). You could have a second career as a interior decorator!

    (And I think you need to answer the Lenz’ questions! 😉 ).

  10. Hi Jack! You have created such a magical guest bedroom and bath. And, you have done it sooooo tastefully. Your guests are lucky to have such a fun and beautiful place to stay. You really have the knack. My favorite piece is the Mickey plant stand, super cute!!!

  11. Wow! I could go on about how much I love your Mickey Mouse themed guest bedroom because I do, but I really want to give you props on your hosting. The welcome sign! The m&ms! The park maps! The extra toiletries! The stationary….AND stamps! Most of all I LOVED seeing the electric blanket controls. I would be right at home there (because I can’t sleep without an electric blanket and I always have one in my guest bedroom). Great job! I think you and I would get along very well 🙂


  12. Jack, I would like to make a reservation to stay at your MM home, when you get a minute 😉

    You did an amazing job making this room one where a 3 year old as well as a 103 year old could be happy.
    I love every bit of it.

  13. Wow.

    I just moved and I have boxes everywhere and to see such lovely themed rooms so nice and neat….sigh, some day

  14. Amazing! As I was reading I kept thinking “WOW, he really thought of everything. I mean come on, evacuation routes?? How cool is that?” And then I got to the part about the park maps and times guides in the restroom…over the top attention to detail….LOVE IT! What a wonderful way to make your guests feel immersed in the experience without having to shell out the big bucks for it. I’d forget I wasn’t on property. Great job!

  15. Jack just wanted to say the Mickey picture frame of the infinte Mickys in front of a mirror…just Brillant!

    also I will be in the MK Monday June 24th any chance you would be there? would love to buy you lunch with great conversation.

    thank you,


    Jack’s Answer:

    I want to thank you for the lovely invitation to lunch. Unfortunately, I must decline. I get many requests to meet with my readers, but I simply don’t have the time. However, if you happen to see me in one of the parks during your visit, please stop me and say hello. I would enjoy meeting with you and chatting for a few minutes.

  16. Thank you for the incredible pictures.

    Any plans to turn your home into a bed and breakfast ? I’d be the first in line.

    We also have a Disney themed kitchen with about 30 Disney themed cookie jars plus plates, mugs etc.

    With a Disney themed room, everyone can have a little of The Happiest Place on Earth.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work !

  17. Thank You so much I made the Disney quilt with all the characters. The white one, I am so pleased you liked it enough to hang it in your special room… Made my day

  18. Thank you sooo much for sharing! The theming is wonderful! Disney needs to hire you for there next redesigning for their resorts! 🙂

  19. I’ve searched the entire AllEars site, and I can’t seem to find the “BOOK NOW” button so I can make reservations for my stay at Laffite’s Landing! HELP!!! LOL

  20. Jack,

    When will you expand and start the Spence Vacation Club?
    How much per point?

    Great job. It does look like Disney put it in your house.

  21. Oh my…I love it!!
    Since I moved out of my parents home I have tried to distribute my Disney collectables around my own home. This includes frames, bowls and plates, kitchen towels featuring the mice and any limited edition items, like the Kevin Kidney designed ceramic cup for the 40th. But the total immersiveness of your guest bedroom is amazing!
    Any guest couldnt fail to be impressed.
    I know its just a small thing but I loved the use of the Mickey border on the feature wall, and then the red stripe following around. I may steal this idea next time I decorate!
    Thanks as always for your excellent blogs!

  22. Wow Jack! This is fantastic! I love how you went out of your way for your guests. The reading materials are fantastic. I also loved how you have the fire escape map! Your guests must just love it!

  23. AMAZING!!!! Love the detail you put into it. I thought we had a “Disney” house- yours blows mine away! I’ll have to send a pic of our Tiki Bathroom…. but still no where near your rooms! I needed to smile today and this did the trick so thanks.

  24. Jack,
    I thought that you’d done a great job on your Pinocchio Bath, your guest suite better! What a great place for guests to stay. I would think it’s booked for the season!
    All of the theming is teriffic, and as you said it doesn’t look like a kids room.
    Again, you did a great job!!!

  25. Okay then, Jack, just a few questions…

    1) What is the summer season rack rate, both weekday and weekend?

    2) Does Jack Spence’s Lafitte Landing (JSLL) participate in DME and EMH?

    3) Can guests at JSLL get the dining plan?

    4) Do Disney Visa and/or annual passholders get discounts?

    5) Is the Mickey Mouse Suite club level? If so, are guided tours with the proprietor available?

  26. Thank you for inviting us into your home. You seem to be very handy, making your own curtains and installing moldings and shelves. My favorite detail is the emergency escape route on the back of the door. Very clever!! As always love the blogs!!

  27. Hi Jack!

    Your guest room looks wonderful and inviting. How perfect for guests to stay offsite while visiting you and still be immersed in the magic!

    I have a Disney guest room in my house too. It’s not nearly as well put together as yours and really doesn’t have a theme. It’s basically our “souvenirs” room. There are plush characters from when I visited as a kid, as well as snow globes we picked up on our honeymoon and everything in between. We have quite a collection of Mickey frames with pictures from trips and they are all in that room too! We plan to pick up a few more things on our upcoming trip that will be specifically for the guest room. And my next DYI project is to create lamps using the personalized Disney maps you can order from Disney’s website.

    Oh, and thank you because I now know what to do with those plush Mickey hands that were once part of my homemade Minnie Mouse Halloween costume. They are going on the wall!


  28. Wow! Gorgeous! Now when you review Disney resort hotel rooms, we’ll know you really know what you’re talking about!

    My house was named Cr*phorn Manor. It’s a long story.

  29. Jack,Jack,Jack!
    Oh my I don’t know what to say because everyone before me has already taken my thoghts.
    All I can say is that the room is fantastic and thank you for sharing. I did get some ideas for my laundry room that I’m going to make into a Mickey room. I like the vanity idea in the bathroom.

    My internet friend that I meet each time we visit Orlando lives in Celebration and she has a Minnie room . She told me that Celebration sometimes has a big garage sale and she finds good bargains there because some times the items come from the parks. They are returned items and they are not put back on the shelves. If you know anyone that lives there you could find out more information.

    Now like all the other bloggers could I have advanced reservations for 2016? That will be our 50th wedding anniversary.

  30. Jack – ohhhhhh my. I just bought a 4-bedroom fixer-upper house last year. I think I know what I’m going to do in the downstairs suite!

    By the way, my old house had a Disney bathroom for years, inspired by a wine-red shower curtain my mother gave me, and a set of bathroom accessories all themed off of Mickey’s gloved hands. To this I added some jewel-tone towels, a candle holder with an ornate Hidden Mickey stand and a few framed photos of the parks (which were not immediately recognizeable as such). Some people immediately figured it out, others never did, but I loved that bathroom!

    A.D. Johnson
    -Littleton, CO

  31. hey Jack
    I absolutly love your guest bedroom. my goal is to have at least one of the rooms in my house dedicated to everything disney and your rooms give me so much inspiration. I am overwhelmed in a good way. can’t wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

  32. Where did u find the non slip mickeys for the bath tub? We just did my sons bathroom in mickey mouse and have been looking for those for two months.

    Jack’s Answer:

    These were sold in the Home Store at Downtown Disney years ago. I haven’t seen them for a long time.

  33. Hi Jack…. I absolutely LOVE your guest room – and also your Pinocchio bathroom!

    Disney ain’t got nothin’ on you!

    Take Care…. ~ Johnny

  34. Hi Jack,

    I just wanted to say you are officially the most awesome host of all time!! lol!! Love your themed rooms. Your friends and family are extremely lucky! Thanks for sharing.

  35. Jack,
    I had to check out your blog on my lunch hour at work on Monday, as is my custom. Thank you so much for sharing your Mickey Mouse Suite with us! I have always known you are a talented writer. I see that interior design is another of your talents. I am impressed with your attention to detail for your guests, with robes, luggage rack, toiletries, magazine rack, and door sign. What really impressed me was the fire escape sign on the back of the door! Thank you for sharing this blog with all of us!

  36. Jack what a wonderful guest room you have. I’m getting off my flight at 3.20 tomorrow. I should be there before 5pm…. lol

    Not a single detail has been overlooked, and so fresh and welcoming.

    Thank you for a great blog and you should be really proud of yourself for creating a fantastic room.


  37. So adorable! Thank you for sharing your guest suite. I would love to make a reservation, how much do you charge per night? 🙂

  38. Jack!! Very nice!!! Those guys on “My Yard/House Goes Disney” on HGtv could use a few pointers from you. So many neat collectibles and I especially liked the bathroom reading material LOL. Could you tell me what version of “Mickey Mouse Club” is playing in your video? I don’t believe I’ve heard it before.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Sorry. I don’t know. It’s just part of my collection.

  39. Such a cute “suite”!! I love that you were able to theme both the guestroom and the bathroom to Mickey without making it look childish or tacky!

    The quilts your friend(s) made are beautiful!! I’d love to see more detailed shots of them one day!

    Also, in classic Jack fashion (and an ode to Disney Imagineering) I KNEW that Laffite’s Landing had to be SOMETHING Disney themed (and I learned something new about Disneyland’s Pirates!

  40. I’m part-owner of a business, and we were all working out of our homes for the first several years. Now that we’ve moved into our first “real” office, I took the opportunity to decorate with a Disney flair. Inspirational plaques (“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!” is a good example) and prints from Disney animation that really mean something to me and the start/growth of our business are all around. But it wouldn’t be complete without the print of Walt standing in a great sea of nothing with Cinderella castle superimposed with him. “Vision” really reminds me that we all can make our dreams come true!

  41. All I can say is WOW, can I stay with you on my next WDW visit. 🙂 Beautifully done and very tasteful. Great job.


  42. I want to come visit just to stay in the room! Your attention to detail is amazing!! Just like staying at a Disney Resort, but for way less money!! Thank you for a little tour of your home!

  43. Wow!

    Over the top? Yes. Fun? Definitely YES!

    Looks like a fun place to stay for a day or two Jack.

    Well done!

    I bet this blog was fun to do – other than the huge travel expense you must have incurred. 😉

    Looking forward to more….now, how do I go about getting my name on that door?


  44. Jack
    This room is FABULOUS! WOW! How I wish I could stay with you! Next time you are in the UK can you just pop around to my house and do a couple of my rooms in the same style LOL? I am bowled over!!!

  45. Oh my goodness! This guest room really answers, “Who’s the leader of the club?”, and then some. I love it! The attention to detail that you’ve put into this room also comes through in your blog posts. And picking out the colors of M and M’s to match the theme of the room? I’m that person, too! You should see my Christmas decorations. Thanks for another peek inside your home, Jack!

  46. Thank you for this wonderful post! We just started the process of purchasing a home and while we are in Northern Virginia, not Orlando, I’ve always wanted a Disney theme in certain rooms. My children, the youngest is 12, informed me that it would be tacky and I don’t have “little” kids anymore. I had just about given up on the idea until I saw your post. I now have confidence that Disney can be done tastefully and that this is for the kid in ME, not for my “too old” children, who I am sure will appreciate it again one day. Thank you! 🙂

  47. Hi Jack,

    I love your suite – it must’ve taken you a long time to collect everything. It would be an absolute treat to stay there.

    I’m very curious how you got the shelf from port orleans for only $3 – is it at some kind of sale they have?


    Jack’s Answer: They were being sold backstage to CMs. A friend bought it for me.

  48. Jack,
    Love the Mickey theme and all of the wonderful touches for your guests. If I were ever to be a guest in your home, I would be certain to write a letter using your thoughtfully provided stationery and stamps.
    Have you ever thought of running a B&B in the area?

  49. Well now I know after club level at Polynesian and Wilderness Lodge, and Bay Lake Tower, I have another “dream room” to wish I could stay at in Orlando!

    Seriously a very cool job. I took special interest in the bathroom because I, too, have considering doing a Mickey Mouse guest bath in my someday to be built house.

    Kudos on keeping the current maps and times guide in there. That’s just awesome.

  50. Great rooms. Love them
    I remember the black red & white bath stuff. I had a ton. But forgot all about them, Nice going down memory lane.
    Do you have anything on the old Coconino Cove at the Contemporary or Crockets Tavern when it was a sit down resturant? They had the best chicken wings!!! Sorry not sure how I got of track .

    Thanks for your great videos and blogs 🙂

  51. Wow! This is way more magical than the on-site rooms I’ve stayed in … I’m feeling very envious of your friends and family who get to stay here. And I need that TV!

  52. Hey Jack! My kids and I just watched this video yesterday on youtube. My middle son absolutely LOVES this room! I love it too! I’m thinking we need to become good friends! ;p

  53. Wow. What fantastic rooms. I can see your love for Disney everywhere. I can’t believe that Disney has not contacted you to design some rooms for them. We have a room at home that is all Disney but it is nothing compared to yours.

  54. I think you did a wonderful job. Especially being able to keep the color theme throughout the bedroom. As a “Disney-loving-mom” with 2 young daughters I have one Princess bedroom and one Tinkerbell and fairies bedroom in my house. Since the rooms are used full-time and need to be functional for 2 and 3 year olds, some of beauty and theme of my rooms gets lost on things like toys and non-Disney stuffed animals.

  55. I love your mickey mouse theme guest room , only such an adoring fan of all things Disney would go to such lengths to open his house to family and friends and make their stay so inviting and exciting! This project was filled with love and it shows, it looks amazing! You are an inspiration!

  56. I love it!! What a fantastic idea! Makes me want to come stay in your hotel! 🙂 In the bathroom, the mirror on the mirror looks great!

  57. Amazing guest room! Thank you for sharing! I have a guest bathroom that I’m trying to give an Animal Kingdom makeover. It’s one of our favorite resorts. Your blog inspired me to keep trying! 🙂

  58. Oh my gosh Jack – well i will email you my picture ASAP so that you can get my door sign ready and be expecting me!!

    I love your guest suite and all the little touches you have made to pamper your guests! i don’t have a Disney themed bath, but I do put the little toiletries out in my guest bath also. My favorite part is that you have the park maps and current magazines!

    I know your guests enjoy how thoughtful you are!

    No, seriously, you can be expecting me :0

  59. I love, love, love these rooms!!!!
    Your decorating ideas inspire me!
    Your attention to detail is unbelievable!
    I bet your guests never want to leave.

  60. Hi Jack!
    Love your guest room! Out guest/children’s bathroom looks frighteningly similar to yours! I have always been the Disney nut in the family, but I hadn’t intended to go that way in decorating until we were building our home and we found out the Kohler had done a line of bathroom products all with Mickey on them! We found a beautiful bathroom sink with Mickey and Minnie in it, and that pretty much decided the whole theme of the room. I used to love the Disney Home store too. I bought several things there over the years, and when I did this bathroom I wanted the knobs you have in yours. I found others at Disney that ended working out just as well. You did a great job, and I hope your guests appreciate it as much as we do.