Tron, Everybody!


So Tron Fever is currently running amok over at California Adventure, with the nighttime event ElecTRONica, and the new Tron tag on World of Color. I was recently able to take a look at both and brought back some photos and video from the Grid for y’all.

On October 28th, the Disney Blog held an ElecTRONica meet in which people who RSVP’d were able to enter DCA with a guest at 4pm and enjoy the park until it closed to regular guests, at which time ElecTRONica began.


At the entrance plaza, a stage was set up and an introduction to the world of Tron was performed by the night’s MC and a number of energetic dancers.

Subsequently, the “portal” to the ElecTRONica area (usually known as the Hollywood Backlot) opened, and people streamed in.


All around the buildings, projections of Tron graphics were playing.


While there were some kiosks selling merchandise and drinks down the main thoroughfare, most people headed directly to the back corner of Hollywood Backlot, where Monsters, Inc. is, to see the bulk of the attractions.


All around the area, there were elevated platforms for the Dance Party dancers and DJs.



In the very back, a replica of the Flynn’s Arcade shown in the original Tron movie was set up where some of the Food and Wine Festival events were held earlier this year.


The outside of the arcade building also had projections making it look as though it was made out of brick, and was raining. Inside, were set up a multitude of old arcade games from the 80’s, including Space Paranoids, the fictional video game Jeff Bridges’ character Kevin Flynn was supposed to have programmed in the original Tron movie.


In the next room, there were some costumes and props from the upcoming Tron: Legacy film, including one of Jeff Bridge’s costumes.


Outside, there were both food and beverage concessions, all appropriately themed.


Apparently in the Grid, you eat a lot of nachos and chocolate cake.



At various times, our Host would rejoin us to announce various showtimes or incite people to perform the dance he taught them in the opening number.


What I thought was the most interesting part of ElecTRONica, was Laserman, who gave a couple of performances throughout the night.

In that same area, in between performances, CMs brought out light-up hula hoops for entertainment.


For the last show offering, the Muppets 3D theater was transformed into a venue for a 3D preview of Tron: Legacy.


This was basically an expanded version of the trailers already viewable online, however different lighting effects were used to enhance the experience.

Afterwards, there was a plethora of Tron-related merchandise available for purchase.


The event ended around 11pm, at which time the crowds had thinned out some, and it was easier to see the impressive job of theming they did to the area.


While there were a number of Tron-themed alcoholic drinks for purchase, there were relatively few non-alcoholic choices, pointing up the more “adult” nature of the event.


All in all, it was a well-done event, and one definitely worth a look while it’s still running.


Now, if you hadn’t yet had enough Tron, you can go over to the other side of the park and see World of Color, with a Tron tag added in. It’s not very long, but the lighting effects on California Screamin’ are very good.

While I did enjoy the original Tron movie the first time around (yes, I’m old,) I have no idea how good the new movie will be. If half the effort went into the making of the film as has been given unto the in-park promotional tie-ins however, it should be an awesome film indeed.

Jeanine resides in Southern California, pursuing the sort of lifestyle that makes her the envy of every 11-year-old she meets. She has been to every Disney theme park in the world and while she finds Tokyo DisneySea the Fairest Of Them All, Disneyland is her Home Park... and there is no place like home.

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2 Replies to “Tron, Everybody!”

  1. Does anyone have any information as to how long the mouse intends to keep ElecTRONica around?

    Jeanine: As far as I’ve heard, ElecTRONica is supposed to end in Spring 2012, to make room for a similar Alice in Wonderland/Mad Tea Party evening dance party in Summer 2012.