Tag! You’re It!

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Kids, we’re going to try something new. You’re going to tell me about the photos. Yes, your job is to examine these images I took of the Partners Statue at Disneyland and let me and your fellow readers know what you see. I’m not looking for you to guess what mode I used (Auto) or if the flash went off (it didn’t). What I’d like for you all to do is describe what you see from image to image, how, and why. Go ahead.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 897 Just kidding. Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Please refer to the photo number when submitting comments.

This blog was written while listening to the jukebox in my head.

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10 Replies to “Tag! You’re It!”

  1. I mostly noticed the posistion of Mickey around the statue.

    #1 Mickey and Walt seem standing parallel to the other. [I saw the tree in the background, then the castle with the statue as a distraction]

    #2 Walt looks as if he is curved inwards and moved forward more than Mickey [flowers, the man in the white t-shirt, the statue is the center of attention]

    #3 Mickey seems as if he is more forward than Walt.[the pumpkins in the front are the main focus]

    #4 Mickey and Walt appear to be curved forward [Pooh is the main focus, then Walt and Mickey staring into the horizon, as if explaining his dream]

    #5 Mickey appears to be turned inward [Woody, and this time Walt seems to be pointing at someone in the crowd, rather than looking dramatically into the horizon]

    #6 Mickey looks as if he is more foward [Tarzan, then I saw Tomorrowland. Walt looks as if he is trying to call a taxi cab]

    #7 Walt seems to be leading Mickey Mouse by the hand.

  2. Hey Lisa!
    Because of the different angles – Walt looks like he is lowering and raising his arm through the progression of the photos!

    #1 – I like this because it says Disneyland to me – I’ve never been there but with the castle behind them I definitely know where you are.
    #2 – The ring of flowers around the statue – it seems to light up the statue.
    #3 – For some reason the two orange flower balls in the far background caught my eye first. I don’t know why.:)
    #4 – I really like this one but I am a fan of silhouette photos and Pooh in the foreground is a favorite too! My first focus was the silhouette.
    #5 – I can’t figure out what to focus on in this photo!?!
    #6 – Here I definitely focused on Tomorrowland first and didn’t even notice Tarzan until later! And the statue after that!
    #7 – Again the flowers around the statue seem to light it up.
    Thanks that was fun! Looking forward to hearing your impressions!

  3. pic1
    I like this one best
    pic 2
    I would’ve squatted down and aimed the camera toward the sky to edit out the man in the white shirt.
    pic 3
    I don’t like how you can’t distinguish between the two figures in the statue.
    pic 4
    I like this one too with Pooh and the statue. But I would’ve made sure Mickey wasn’t lost in the tree.
    Mickey is lost in the tree and am I supposed to be focusing on Woody? If so, just take a pic of the pumpkin itself.
    pic 6
    I am confused as to what I am supposed to be looking at. Too much confusion.
    pic 7
    I don’t like how Mickey is “lost” in the tree.

    So #1 is my fav and #4 is my second choice. But hey, I don’t know much about this just what I prefer.

  4. I don’t know much about photography but I know what I like when I see it. Not sure what you’re looking for, but here’s my take:

    #1 – Photo taken from a crouched position? Incorporates two of my favorites, the statue and the castle. Both were in good focus. Picture is balanced and I love the swirling clouds.

    #2 – Very clear but I would have deleted from my good old point and shoot camera.

    #3 – Not the best view but Mickey looks like he is laughing and on an adventure with “Dad”.

    #4 & #5 – Emotional. Realistic. Like #4 better than #5.

    #6 – Beautiful color & light but too many “sharp objects” in the picture.

    #7 – Not my favorite because Mickey is lost in the green of the trees and, again, the guy with the distracting white shirt.

  5. I love the way it looks like Walt has cast a spell in pic 1 and 2 from the “smoke” wafting out of his finger tips. I don’t care much for the stand as I cannot read the plaque so to include it doesn’t add anything to the pictures. The spire between Walt’s legs in pic 1 looks like it could be painful.

    In pic 2, I too was drawn to guy in white shirt. The flowers in the forefront really help frame this pic.

    Pic 4 is a nice one of the pumpkin but the white in the background is washed out.

    Pic 5 has Mickey blending in with the tree and the pumpkin is set out as much. Again, sky is bleached.

    Pic 6 has a very busy background so I wasn’t drawn to the pumpkin nor statue.

    Pic 7 is nice except for the guy just over Mickey’s toe.

  6. This is fun…
    1- Focus is definitely on the statue. I like the glimpse of castle in the background that tells me which park you are in.

    2-Focus is more on Mickey in my mind, and the flowers distract me.

    3-I think the focus is still more about Mickey. I notice the hand on his hip here.

    4-The Pooh pumpkin is my focus here. I would probably crop out the rest.

    5- The Woody pumpkin is my focus here. I would probably crop out the rest again.

    6-Distracted here. I cannot choose to focus on Tarzan or the future land on the right.

    7-Just off center, but focus is back on the statues.

  7. #1 – statue and then castle
    #2 – white shirt and flowers
    #3 – statue and the base of the statue
    #4 – Pooh
    #5 – Woody and maybe the statue
    #6 – Tomorrowland
    #7 – statue and flowers

  8. Hi Lisa… I noticed the contrast of the grey in the statue and the yellow flowers and orange pumpkins within each photo.

    Also, as I scrolled through them I was drawn to Walt’s arm pointing to the distance. As I scrolled through a second time, it was as if Walt was sweeping his arm acorss a bigger area not just on one focused point.

  9. Hi Lisa,
    Interesting challenge. Here’s what I noticed in a couple of the photos, though I’m sure others will have much different list…

    #1 – First, I noticed the partners statue, probably because it’s centered in the photo. Then I noticed Sleeping Beauty castle, I think because it was in contrast to the green tree on the opposite side of the photograph. I like the framing on this one.

    #2 – The first thing my eye jumped to was the guy’s white shirt in the background. But after I was able to pull myself away from that awesomeness, I noticed that the statue didn’t seem to pop out at me like it did in photo #1. Perhaps its because it’s set against the busy green trees in this photo, and not the clean blue sky in photo #1?

    #4 – For some reason, Pooh jumped out at me here as the focus, instead of the Partners statue. Perhaps this is because it’s one of the few things on the photo that is facing the camera? Also, the shadow on the Partners statue make it seem more like a silhouette of the statue, perhaps emphasizing the detail of Pooh in the foreground?

    I’d be interested to hear what you noticed after you’ve let us huddled masses take a crack at it.