Adventures by Disney – Backstage Magic – We’re in Hollywood!

All Ears team member Glo from Miami and her husband Gary continue their report on their Adventure by Disney – Backstage Magic! Click here for all of Glo’s reports! Scroll down for most recent entries.

Neither of us slept real well last night, but we were still up at dark o’clock to get ready for our Backstage Magic adventure.

Lines were long at the airport, even for an 8 AM flight. No problem, we always get there plenty early. This is the first flight in a long time where Mr. K did not have an aisle seat. I know I booked one for him, but they must have switched equipment or something because we ended up with a window and middle. We survived just fine 😉 Both of us slept part of the way.

Backstage Magic Map

When we landed at LAX, it felt like we had to walk to the next county to find baggage claim, but once we got found it, one of our guides (Julie) was there to meet us, along with Lyle who would get our baggage and drive us to the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel. The drive took close to an hour. You’ve heard about LA traffic, right? …but it was a luxurious ride in a shiny, black town car.

In the lobby, our other guide (Quinn) greeted us, gave us our room key and we were off on our own until 4 PM when we get to meet the rest of our “family” for the tour. In our room were some gifts with the Adventures by Disney logo. I must say, they really do everything first-class!

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood & Highlands Center is connected directly to the hotel, so we went there for a quick bite to eat and a few pictures. We did the “Walk of Stars” and saw Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the El Capitan Theater and the Disney Soda Shop …only on the outside, of course; not enough time for much else.


Now it’s time to get cleaned up just a bit before our Welcome Reception.

At 4 PM our group of 24 adult Disney lovers met in one of the lounges at the hotel for a little Welcome reception and introductions.

Talk about small world! We just picked a random table and the other couple at the table was from Orlando. In fact, the husband (Joe) is the pharmacist at the drug store close to our home in Poinciana. What a coincidence!! …but it gets even better.

At the last table, Nancy introduced herself and she lives in the same subdivision as we do, maybe 1/2 a mile away. Unbelievable! There are also two Pegs from Pennsylvania, one from Camp Hill where the recent Magic Meet was held. She went to the meet last year, but not this year.

Julie and Quinn gave us a few instructions for the next days, primarily about when cameras are allowed and when they aren’t, and then we proceeded to dinner at Trastevere Restaurant in the adjoining center. We had a private room in the back. Good thing because this is NOT going to be a quiet group, I can tell you that!

Appetizers and salads were served family style, but everyone got to order off the menu for their entree. It was delicious, but getting to know new friends was even better. In between the appetizers and salads was a wild game of Disney trivia. Lots of fun! …and somehow one of the “contestants” said “Alex Trabeck” for an answer. Needless to say, it was NOT the right answer, but it made for some wonderful laughs.

After dinner, Gary and I walked back down to Hollywood Boulevard where the new movie “Eagle Eye” is premiering tonight at Grauman’s Theater. Lots of people were lining both sides of the street and cameras kept flashing, but we sure didn’t see anyone we thought was famous. Oh, well…

Hollywood Bldv

It’s now 11:10 PM Florida time but only 8:10 PM California time. Let me tell you, I’m ready for bed! Tomorrow morning we have to meet at 7:45 for breakfast and then the real “meat” of the tour begins. We tour the restored El Capitan theater, The Disney Soda Shop, the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio and Jim Henson’s Muppet Studio.

Some folks are planning on going to the taping of the Jimmy Kimmel show, but I think we are going to go see “Sleeping Beauty” (restored) on the big screen at the El Capitan, that is, if we don’t collapse by that time 😉

Now I think I hear my pillow calling my name.

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