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Reviewed by JackM Review Date: 06/10/2008

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This review is from Karen and her husband Gary, who were on the West Bound Panama Cruise May 2008.

Rated a 10 from both of us, great all around experience, highly reccommended

Requires confidence by the rider. Rider needs to trust the mount, due to changes in terrain, rocky, crossing shallow rivers, up and down climbs and descents, narrow sawitchbacks. Trail was dusty at times. About 1 1/2 hour ride.

Waterfall was low due to dry season so no swimming or wading in the water. We had 30 aminute break and bottled water at the waterfall stop. Once off the horses it was a 5 minute walk to waterfall

Ranch had clean bathroom. Pre-ride breakfast, tortillas and great cinnamon coffee. Safety lecture given, helmets available.

Post ride lunch on a nice shaded patio. Great lunch, cowboy rope tricks for entertainment.

Coach transportation with a very informative and enthusiastic guide. Ranch staff very friendly and helpful, pictures for sale, best of the 3 rides I took on this cruise.

Karen did 3 Horseback Excursions and rated this one the best, a 10. She also did Horseback riding in Accapulco (Rated 4) and Cabo San Lucas (Rated 7).


Great all around experience


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