I Go To Disney World Every Day. These Are the Snacks I Avoid at All Costs

Let’s talk Disney World snacks!

Disney World is my favorite topic!

I get to go to Disney World almost every day, and there is something exciting going on all the time! Tiana’s Bayou Adventure recently opened, the new cabins at Fort Wilderness debuted, and the Country Bears are about to be back with some brand new songs to sing. I love seeing all of the new things happening, but there are some things I skip every time so lets talk about it!

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Disney World has some iconic snacks that are totally worth every dime! From the Cheshire Cat Tail to the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, there are almost too many snacks to mention in just this one article.

This pulled pork mac and cheese is amazing!

There are, however, some snacks that I skip every single time I’m in the parks. Before I even get into it, remember if I talk about anything you love, don’t second guess your love for it! You do you, and enjoy your Disney snacks just the way you like them but these are my personal least favorite bites in Disney World. First, I’m starting off easy with the Plant Based Cheese Pizza from Pinocchio Village Haus.

This is just not good.

This is a plant based option but that’s not why it made my list. There are tons of amazing plant based options, but this vegan cheese pizza just reminds me of glue. It sticks to your mouth and has a distinct lack of flavor.

It just doesn’t look appetizing to me.

If you’re a plant based eater and in Magic Kingdom, try the Plant Based Chicago Style Dog from Casey’s Corner instead.

Casey’s Corner

My next skip is a Disney classic food item, but only in Disneyland! Disney World Churros are known for not being quite as good as their sister churros on the other coast.


Churros in Disney World tend to be a bit stale and they aren’t horrible, they’re just not as good compared to others. If you’re in desperate need for some cinnamon rolled fritters, head over to Nomad Lounge! 

Nomad Lounge Churros

The Nomad Lounge churros are incredible and come with a vanilla crema and a seasonal sauce. They are perfectly crunchy and sweet. I highly recommend them!

When it comes to skipping, this is a snack I typically don’t tell people I skip but it’s time to come clean. I always skip the Caramel Butter Bar.

Caramel Butter Bar

I know, I know I can’t believe I’m saying it either. This super famous Disney World snack is a fan favorite and I feel like I’m personally disappointing AJ from DisneyFoodBlog, but I have to be honest. This snack has always been a bit too buttery and almost oily in my opinion, and I’ve never enjoyed snacking on it.

I’m sorry Karamel Kuche!

If you’re needing something with some sweet caramel, grab the Werther’s Caramel Popcorn instead! It’s delectable thanks to the sweet and salty combo. If you’re looking to devour something or grab a tasty souvenir this is the one.

Caramel Popcorn!

Finally, my last skip is an overall spot rather than just one thing. Coral Reef Restaurant in EPCOT has some beautiful views and easy to get reservations but that’s where the magic of this spot ends for me.

Coral Reef Dining Room

In the past, I found that the seafood dishes are only okay and the appetizers are good but not something you can’t get at other dining options outside of Disney World. Quincy and I just went to check out this spot to see if it’s still skipable and (spoiler alert) it is. If you want to see the full review, you can check it out here!

So there you have it, the snacks I skip in Disney World! Remember to keep following AllEars.Net for all of your Disney snacks tips and tricks.

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What Disney World snacks do you skip? Tell me in the comments! 

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2 Replies to “I Go To Disney World Every Day. These Are the Snacks I Avoid at All Costs”

  1. Emma is a awesome reporter love her articles and the videos on YouTube she is awesome 🙌 and all of the cast members on all ears net

  2. Great review, Emma! I’d be surprised that anything coming out of Pinocchio Village Haus is good. With that said, as someone on a plant-based diet – vegan cheese IS horrible. We’ve tried all sorts, and we just cannot find a plant-based cheese that is worth it. We’ve been told to melt the cheese for a better taste. Honestly, it makes is worse. The heat triggers the elasticity of the components in the “cheese” and something unnatural arises. Plant based food normally is great, but this “cheese” is definitely not a viable source of well…anything.
    Maybe the putty that is hole filler for walls.