Disney Fans Are Suddenly Buying These $14 Extension Cords On Amazon

If you’re planning to head to Disney World soon, then we have just the thing for you to take with you! An extension cord. You might be wondering…what?! Why? Well, we’re here to tell ya!!

Grand Floridian Resort

We love to do our research for the best essentials to bring during your Disney trip and lately our readers have been snatching up a $14 extension cord from Amazon. The reason is that this extension cord has standard outlets and USBs. It is PERFECT for your Disney World hotel room (most are seriously lacking outlets) and for at home! Let’s check it out!

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If there’s one universal struggle we all go through during our time at Disney World, it’s most likely that our devices are low on battery when we least want them to be. And at the end of the night when the entire family needs to charge their phones, MagicBands, watches, AirPods, and other devices, there’s simply not enough plugs! So, we’re here to share our favorite extension cord and our favorite MagicBand charging device with ya!!

Guarantee ultimate charging for everyone with this Flat Plug Power Strip!

Our favorite extension cord!

Phones are possibly your most used device while on a trip to Disney World. Between using them to snap pics or checking your My Disney Experience app throughout the day, it’s going to be pretty easy to drain your phone’s battery. So,  if you’re traveling with family or friends, we know you’re probably fighting back at your hotel room for that outlet closest to your nightstand.

With this Flat Plug Power Strip, however, the need to start an all-out war for an outlet is no more thanks to its potential to charge SEVEN devices all at once! Convenient or what? Phones are not the only devices you can charge here either. It’s fit to plug in your tablets, portable fans, external batteries, or whatever else you need during your trip.

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You don’t have to wait to get to your hotel room to use this Portable MultiCharger!

MagicBand Charger

The portable charger game has been changed with this MultiCharger. Not only can you charge multiple devices when you’re out and about at the parks, but you can also charge your MagicBands, AND it’s compatible with any external batteries, including FuelRods! This MultiCharger is designed to never overheat while in use and its small, slender fit is perfect for easy storage, even when using small bags such as fanny packs or slings. This is definitely one of our new Park Day essential faves!

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Check back in with us as we share with you all the best trip essentials and the latest in Disney news!



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