5 CHANGES Coming to Disney World’s Disability Access Services

Disney recently announced some new policy changes coming to Disney World soon.

Cinderella Castle

These changes will affect parkgoers who have disabilities, and the way that they are able to access rides via a line-skipping option they have because waiting in long lines may not be a suitable option for them. This new policy change may be confusing for those who need it, so we’re breaking down what the Disability Access Service is and how it will be changing in Disney World.

What is DAS?

Disability Access Service is a system that accommodates visitors who have difficulty in the parks due to a disability. Disney World visitors who are eligible are those who have a developmental disability and are unable to wait in a conventional queue for an extended period of time.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The service does not provide immediate access to all rides, however, visitors can request a return time for a specific attraction that reflects the standby wait. Instead of physically waiting in line, that person can experience other things in the park until their DAS window is called. It’s very similar to a Virtual Queue, except that it’s only used by people with disabilities.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Over the past five years, DAS usage has tripled and is the most requested service. The goal with the new updates is to preserve DAS for those it is designed to accommodate and make sure these services are going to appropriate visitors.

What’s Changing

Partnership with Inspire Health Alliance

Disney will be working with Inspire Health Alliance to ensure those who meet the disability criteria are receiving the services they need. This is the same company that Disney partnered with to handle COVID-19 vaccination confirmation for Disney Cruise Line when cruisers needed to be vaccinated to sail.

Animal Kingdom

Party Size

The number of individuals in a group with the person with disabilities is also changing in Disney World. The program used to allow six people to be part of your party, but now it will be limited to immediate family members or a limit of four people (if you’re traveling with friends).

Tower of Terror


The current DAS comes with two pre-entitlements. However, the new system will separate the pre-entitlements and DAS. They will be based on the individual’s needs, and people using DAS will not be guaranteed the two pre-entitlements. Pre-entitlements mean that you get two rides per day you could pre-book.

Expedition Everest

Enrollment Window

In the current system, people have a 60 enrollment window for when their services are available to them without needing to re-enroll. With the new change, that window will be extended to 120 days.

Rise of the Resistance

Getting DAS

In Disney World, you will have a virtual video chat with the Accessibility Services team before your visit to discuss your needs and the services you might require. You can do this on the day of your visit, but it’s highly encouraged that you do it before your arrival.

Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion

You can arrange this call on the pre-planning website. The calls are between you and Cast Members, who are assisted by health professionals at Inspire Health Alliance when necessary. If you choose to register while you are at Disney World, you will be able to use a virtual chat, but it will not be available in person.

What’s Staying the Same?

The “return to queue” process will stay the same. This is for anyone who needs to leave the line for a bit in order to make it through the entire queue. More Cast Member training is being provided to ensure this process remains consistent.


You can expect these changes to take effect in Disney World on May 20th, 2024. We hope this helps with understanding this new policy change. For more details, check out our comprehensive post about the new DAS system.

Disney Changes Rules To Manage Line-Skipping in the Parks

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5 Replies to “5 CHANGES Coming to Disney World’s Disability Access Services”

  1. I have POTS and cancer. When I went to Disney the DAS pass was my savior. I can’t stand for long and the Florida heat made me so ill. I wasn’t getting on more rides than others. I needed those breaks to sit in the shade and to have the ability to move at a much slower pace than a healthy person. I won’t be able to go to Disney in the future without this.

  2. Developmental only? I have type 1 diabetes and am considered disabled. This service has been a huge help trying to control my diabetes at the parks. I don’t want to be waiting in line and have to treat a severe low, or even a high spike. I hope they realize this and make it available.

    1. I reached out to Disney directly regrading my husbands disability (Epilepsy) he is unable to be in the sun for a long que & has a service dog. I got a form letter back saying it’s now for developmental disabilities & it would be evaluated blah blah. Here’s my issue, the Federal Government & even my state has put him through a rigorous process, lots of paperwork & Dr appts to declare him disabled. Now that people abuse the system actual disabled people are put through the ringer to prove they are disabled.
      First I will say I have never seen so many ” disabled ” people in one place than at Disney so the abuse is definitely rampant. I even met a guy at a BBQ years ago that said oh I just get a wheelchair we take turns in it so I don’t have to wait in line. I walked away before I made a scene.
      I just think even though they are not allowed to ask for it if I show my husbands paperwork from the federal government stating he is disabled it should be no questions asked & he gets his DAS. Last time we were there in 2022 we used his pass twice & the rides he could not go on we purchased Genie+ for the rest of the family. Other than that if the line was 20 minutes or so we just waited.
      No actual disabled person wants to be disabled but here we are again having to prove it because people abuse a system. Which is just disgusting to me.

  3. The DAS system of old was acceptable. Even during Fast Pass years it worked. It doesn’t work anymore. Why? What has changed? I think everyone knows-Genie Plus. The child has a return time of maybe two hours, depending on the attraction . That’s ok. What’s not ok is they still have to wait in a very long line to board. That can prove to be difficult. DAS families require a separate line of their own. This is not a scam or a reason to get ahead of guests paying extra. Any family would stand in line happily if they were in different circumstances. You don’t choose to be in the situation you live in. You just want to be seen as typical guests, not having a guest become atypical because of a lengthy wait. Please, Disney, consider a separate entrance

    1. I completely agree Judy. Very helpful to those of use not abusing the system. Looks like we will all have to pay for Genie+ now to avoid having unexpected health issues while waiting.